Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I want to share with you a picture of a wool project I made recently.  I was asked by Dawn Cook-Ronnigen from "Collector With A Needle" blog to take the pattern her and her daughter Nora have created and make a wool one block version.  Their applique pattern, "Radical Rose and Reel" was created from an antique quilt in Dawn's collection.  You can see the antique quilt and her modern one block version done in Kaffe fabrics here.  The antique quilt is nine large and wonderful blocks in red and green.  The pattern includes two full size patterns. One for the original 30 inch square size and a smaller 24 inch size.  I used the 24 inch size for the wool mat.

The blue plaid wool I used for the background was given to me by a good friend who works in a design firm. A wool sample.  It was a nice weight and was wonderful to work with. The mat would be very striking in a black wool background with red and green.  The pattern was very easy to work with since it is full size.  I took a piece of freezer paper and traced the center shape, two of the large leaf shapes and then one side of the block with the buds, stems, and smaller leaves.  I cut out the stem area with sharp scissors.  I used the main pattern piece to layout the center of the block and stitched those parts down.  I then placed the freezer paper guide that I made over the background and used the cut out areas to shape and place the wool stems in the correct position.  I had the leaf and bud placements marked on the freezer paper.  I would just lift the freezer paper and place the parts in the correct place, add a bit of Roxanne's glue to tack them in place.  Then stitch by hand.  I would then move to the next side of the block and repeat the process.  I am pleased with the result.

The "Radical Rose and Reel" is the third pattern Dawn and Nora have created.  The first two patterns are for a Vortex design.  Nora did a black and white version which was shown at the Houston quilt show.  Dawn did a more modern version of the same pattern.  You can see all of the patterns on Etsy here.  You can read about the "Vortex Variation" on Dawn's blog here.

While you are on the Blog, check out some of the recent posts that show Dawn's doll sized sleigh bed and amoire.  The amoire has doll size quilts in it and other small children's items.   Beautiful pieces!  Check out the post on January 12, 2012 for the doll bed turning and see the wonderful little quilts.

Have a great sewing day!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Another Millennium Garden block done.  This one turned out to be done in trial and error fashion.  At first I used a solid red for the front of the house.  It is from the same main line of fabric I am using.  I got it all stitched down and started the roof stitching.  Then I decided it was too strong of a red combination compared to the previous fabric combinations of the finished blocks I have done.  Off came the solid red & I used the diagonal plaid instead.  Then I already had leaves prepped in the green and tan diagonal plaid.  I stitched them on but did not like the look of the plaid on the busier background.  Plus I used the red and tan plaid for the front of the house and chimney.  And I did not like the shape of some of the leaves.  Off came the leaves.  I used several green prints for the leaves and altered the shape slightly on a couple of them.  I stitched them on last evening and am satisfied with the result.

I am working on another small piece which has an ice skater on a pond.  I will share a picture in a few days.  I have three patterns with ice skaters that I have had for quite some time.  Other projects always seem to take precedent.

Take time to sew today.  Every little bit adds up to a finished project before long.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


My version of Lori's "Pink Lemonade" is complete. I hand quilted this one to fit in with the "old look". I can't decide if the cheddar and pinks are too strong together but it was what I had in stash. I enjoyed the sew-along with all of you that have participated.

I also took time to finish a little top I made recently from Cheri Payne's "Sew Good" pattern.  Last that I showed it, I had forgotten to add the embroidered words.  I did that and then echo quilted by machine to finish the piece.
I think I could use this little quilt for Valentine's Day with the big heart on it.

I am working on another "Millenium Garden" block.  I need to change out the leaves to another green fabric.  I don't like what I used.  Back to stitching.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Finally, I have completed the "Trumpet Flower Quilt".  Mary from Quilt Hollow worked her magic on machine quilting it several months ago.  I didn't have time for the binding at the time and put the quilt in the sewing room closet.  It soon became part of the landscape.  You know how when you see something so often that you cease to really see it?  I had to move a few items in the closet the other day to look for some small batting pieces stored in there.  The quilt was one of the items I picked up to move.  I decided right then and there that the fabrics in the quilt had mellowed long enough and time to do the binding.
I struggled to get the quilt pinned to the design wall in the sewing room.  I had to bend it around the corner a bit as the area is not large enough.  And some items got into the picture that could not be helped.  But at least you can see the majority of the quilt.

Here are two close up pictures of the quilt.

The quilt top was completed in June of 2009 so you can see it has been a while coming to the end of the project.  You can read about the pattern information in a blog post here.  It is a Cherie Ralston design.

At the time I completed the quilt top and showed it on my blog, I received an e-mail asking if the quilt top could be purchased from me.  I declined as I love the piece so well.  And the answer is still the same today.

You don't find a lot of pinks in my stash.  I used up a lot of what I had in the making of this quilt and have not purchased many since then.  I need to work on that part of my stash.

I have another completed quilt that I will share with you in a couple days.  I am off to the sewing room.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Another of The Bible blocks done.  This one is the nativity.
I feel like it is the holiday season again with posting the picture of the Nativity block.

We are experiencing a very mild winter here in Florida thus far.  It is a beautiful day.  Shirt sleeve weather as we call it.  Enjoy your day as I will mine.


Monday, January 16, 2012


I have been busy on two projects that I can't show you just yet.  But I did finish one of the Bible blocks.  I have another one where the applique is done but not the embroidery.
I like the whale on this one.  The next block depicts the Nativity.  I think I have one more block this size and then a double size in width block to do.  So things are drawing to a close slowly but surely.

Have a great day!  I am back to watching television and stitching.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January is a perfect time to make a snowman wall hanging.  I just finished a small one from a free Twigs design.  I used a combination of fused fabric and some embroidery to create these two snowmen.  The plaid border was made from scraps in the scrap bin.  The whole project was made from stash.

I completed another block from the "Millennium Garden" set of patterns.
There is still a lot of stitching left as you can see by the blank spaces in the next picture.
Time to get some stitching going for the day.  I am glad you stopped by.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


On the 12th Day of Christmas I decided to get busy and make all twelve blocks for the sew-along that Temecula Quilt Co. has been posting.
And I also made the six blocks for Lori's small quilt sew-along that she is hosting.  You can visit Lori at Humble Quilts for information about "Pink Lemonade".
A busy sewing day.  Now if I could get the "Just Takes 2" blocks done.  By the way.  This is my second post today.  You can take a peek at my Millennium Gardens quilt blocks progress in the previous post.



I have been working on more applique sections for "Millennium Garden".  There is a background measurement mistake in at least one piece and on another, the applique parts just don't want to fit the way they look in the picture.  I did not re-size the parts but I think I would if doing it a second time.  I am hoping to get things to fit together.  I have parts on the design wall but not exactly placed as they will be in the end.

I received two gifts from fellow bloggers.  First is a pillow cover or wall hanging from Darlene.  I like the way she finished the project.  It can either hang on the wall or you open the flaps on the back and slide a pillow form in.  A very good idea.  I like that the sleigh is a basket and has a snowman in it.
And from Mary at Quilt Hollow (I refer to her as Quilt Mary), a new quilt book and a magnetic note pad.  The quilt book as two wool projects that caught my eye right away.  Both are baskets of flowers.
I am going to do a little embroidery and watch "The Young and the Restless".  I have watched the show almost from the very beginning.  I guess about thirty years.  Some of the characters are getting up in years but there are always new ones getting added to the mix.

I am off to stitch.  Come back soon.