Saturday, March 31, 2012


A lot of stitches later, block four of "Love Letters" is done.  If you have not already read the previous post, the pattern information is there.  This is the Coxcomb block.

I have started block five but need to stop and do my block of the month that came in the mail earlier this week.  I have committed to keeping up with that and need to have it completed by tomorrow.  I will be sitting in my comfortable chair, television on, and stitching away.

Monday, March 26, 2012


The third block of "Love Letters" done.
The patterns for the quilt are in a Blackbird Designs book called "When the Cold Wind Blows".  I am doing Alma's version of the quilt.  I like how Barb and Alma each make their own versions of a pattern.  I was attracted to the colors in Alma's version.  Though I am not using all of the same fabrics, some are and others are similar to the originals used.  The blocks are large.  Twenty-eight inches square.  Though the applique pieces are not small, I find it hard to line up everything on the block and get it in place similar to the original.  I get tired of working on the quilt after doing a block, so I have only done three blocks.  I have shown the first two blocks previously on my blog but will add in a picture so you can see what they look like.

I started the project in July of 2010 so I am a bit slow on this project.  Six more blocks to go.  At the rate I am going, it may be another couple years before I finish.

Join me in stitching a while today!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have three finished pieces to share with you today.  First is, "Partridge In A Pear Tree".  It hasn't been too long ago that I completed the quilt top.  Now it is machine quilted, washed, dried and ready for display.  This is a piece I will spread across the sofa back.  The pattern I used was in "Homespun Hearth" by Jan Patek.


The second finish is the "Summer Flower Bouquet" I made earlier this week.  I machine quilted it and got brave with the border.  I marked the corner shell design for quilting but free-formed the swags.  When I got done with the quilting, I thought I had made a mistake just winging it without marking.  But now that it is fresh out of the washer and dryer, I like the charm of it.  Gives it a more prim style look.  You might not choose to do it that way but I am happy with the result.

And the last finish is a wool piece.  I used a punch needle pattern by Robin Leuschen called "Rabbit Parade".  I have never conquered punch needle projects so I enlarged the pattern for doing wool applique.  You can visit Robin's blog, "Bird in Hand Primitives" here.  The pattern was one you download so immediate gratification.
The background for the rabbit piece is wool but not the type you would use for applique pieces as it ravels and will not felt.  It is more like a suiting fabric and was a sample piece from a decorating firm. The rabbit reminds me of the "Walking Rabbit" pieces I made.  You can see two of them here.

I am off to play in the sewing room.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I stitched a small quilt top.  It is twenty-one inches square.  I took a block from the Electric Quilt software "Folk Art Blocks", made some changes and tweaked some shapes and this is what I came up with.
All the fabric used was from stash.  Some of it is from  two or three lines designed by Minnick and Simpson, some by Jan Patek, and a piece by Buggy Barn.  I like mixing fabric together from different designers and lines of fabric that they put out.  Doing applique, my stash does not get used up very quickly.

I made a signature swap block for someone who is also making blocks inspired from the Ohio Miami Valley quilt book.  I will be making three more to swap with some of the other ladies also doing the project.

I am anxious to play in the sewing room.  I have lots of ideas floating around in my head.  I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog.  I'm off to have fun.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


A good while ago, I purchased the book "Album quilts of Ohio's Miami Valley"  by Sue Cummings.  I have decided to create my own version with inspiration from blocks in the many pictures of the quilts that are in the book.  The book is not a pattern book but a historical study of the album quilts unique to this area of the country.  Here are my first two blocks.  The background fabric is a natural color.  I lightened the photos a bit as the sewing room was a bit dim today.


There are so many block ideas in my head that it is hard to pick which ones I would like to make.  Many of the quilts had an eagle.  Most were variations of the same pattern.  I knew I wanted the eagle.  The Pomegranate block looked like easy applique so I chose that for my second.  Now back to the drawing board.  Stop back soon to see my progress.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The "Millennium Garden" quilt top is done.  Hurray!  I like the colors and all seems to have come together well.
The house block is my favorite one in the quilt.

I had trouble sleeping last night.  One of the fire alarms needs a new battery.  It gave out three short blasts last night and woke me up.  Then I could not go back to sleep.  I finally went into the sewing room and prepped an applique block for another project.  Maybe I will stitch on it today.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I completed the "Spring Fling" quilt top earlier this afternoon.  An easy applique project and it went quickly.  All the fabric used was from stash.  The pattern I used is by Jan Patek.
Two close-up pictures of the quilt top.

I discovered that I need to make one small block before I can complete sewing "Millennium Garden" together.  The block is not mentioned in any of the pattern pamphlets though the leaf shape to be used is in one of the them.  Just no measurements for the background nor mention of making the block.

I attended a local quilt show with two friends this past Saturday.  It was difficult to take pictures.  Too many people and not enough room to back up and get a whole quilt in the camera viewer.  So, I will share the ones that caught my attention and that I was able to get a picture of.
This quilt was made by my friend Susan.  It is called "Mummy, Mummy How Does Your Garden Grow".  She combined a Sue Spargo pattern with a Halloween pattern.  She fussy cut designs from fabric and made faces on the flowers, eyeballs, etc.  Click on the picture for a close-up view.

I thought I would be able to get the maker's name from the quilt show booklet but I can't find this one in the book.  A long time ago, I made some of the blocks from this pattern but never made the whole quilt.  I still have the blocks but no longer have the pattern.
My friend Susan also made this quilt.  It is "Millennium Garden".  The same pattern I am working on.  She used the fabrics from the original pattern, so it is done in different colors than mine.
I wish I could have gotten the whole quilt in the picture.  These are blocks from "Civil War Love Letters".  I think this one deserved a ribbon but had none.  The piecing was very well done.
The squares are teeny tiny in this red and white quilt.  Very well done.
Another red and white quilt.  This one has redwork embroidery.
The last picture is the chicken quilt.  An interesting concept in that it is embellished with something for the feathers.

I heading back to the sewing room.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I finished the last of the "Millennium Garden" blocks but have not sewn anything together yet.  They need trimming and a little pressing first.

I took time to stitch a birdhouse block from a Jan Patek pattern called "Spring Fling".  Probably the easiest block from the pattern.

And last, I stitched an Indian.  I was inspired by an antique quilt I have seen pictures of on two blogs.  The last being "The Quilt History Report".  I have been wanting to try stitching a block and this is what I came up with.
I don't know that I want to go any further with it.  I don't care for doing applique with solid color fabrics.  The stitching shows more than with patterned fabrics.  But it satisfied my curiousity to take time to play and see if I could recreate a block.

I am going to be working in the sewing room today finishing the preparation of applique parts for the rest of the spring quilt.  I have three blocks ready to stitch now and not too much to go.  The ones left are the ones with the most little parts.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have been doing a lot of stitching.  Row two of  "Birdsong"  is complete.  Not quite all of the block made it into the photo.  It is a long one.  It goes the whole width of the inside of the quilt.

Next, I spent two days stitching as much as I could to make this large block for "Millennium Garden".  And an afternoon prepping the applique pieces.  Two more blocks to go before all the applique is done.

I started block eleven last evening but did not get far on it.  I am anxious for the end now that I am getting so close.

I found a free prim style pattern on the internet here.  It is called "Birds of a Feather".  It has bird houses in the center and an applique border with birds, vines, leaves and berries.  It looks like you can make the quilt without enlarging the pattern pieces.  Or enlarge for easier stitching and a bigger wall hanging.  Check it out.

Back to my stitching.