Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A completed winter table runner.  I have had this done for a number of days but had not taken a picture of it.  This is "Merry Winter's Night" and was made from a pattern designed by Cheri Saffiote-Payne.  It is in the current winter issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.
This is much like the version shown in the magazine.  I left a star off of each end as I thought that was all it needed.  It was an easy piece to make.  Twenty-five snowball blocks and then the applique.  Cheri suggested doing a faced applique which is where you cut two identical pieces with seam allowance.  Place right sides together and stitch the whole way around on the sewing line.  Then cut a slit in one piece of fabric, turn the right side out through that slit.  Press and then an overcast hand stitch though you could do it by machine.  I used wool for the scarf, hat, and arms so that is a single layer only.  I enjoyed making this.

My knee is doing better but I don't want to say I am on the road to recovery from whatever is wrong.  I have gotten better a couple times and in a flash, been right back to a low point again.  But I am hopeful.

We are having unseasonably cool weather here in Florida.  But we can't complain too much.  There are parts of the country in not very good shape due to the hurricane.  We will be having a warm-up soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Time for another update on the "Comfort and Joy" quilt.  This is the seventh section with one more to go.
The photo makes the section look a bit crooked but it really isn't.  I am experiencing a lot of knee pain.  It was difficult to get the piece hung on the design wall and to back up to take a picture.  I am having to use a walker to get around.  I have knee replacements in both knees.  I thought for sure something had happened to the one in my right knee.  The pain came on suddenly.  Went away about the third day and then back again a few days later.  I have had x-rays and the hardware in the knee area looks good.  I have had blood work to check for infection though there are no signs of it.  Next will be a bone scan.  I am limping badly.  Getting around in the sewing room is not easy.  Even after a clean-up I did recently.  I was able to complete this section of the quilt because all the fabric was in a basket right next to the area I sew and cut out quilts in. I always sit to do the cutting and preparation of applique parts.  The problem comes if I have to look for fabric on the shelves or need something that isn't right in the work area.  I may not be able to complete the next section of "A Little Porch Time" at the scheduled time because the fabric is not in a basket.  I am trying but it is slow going.

Hope you have a good week and I hope that things improve for me quickly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hurray!  A couple finishes.  "13 Lucky Cats" turned out not to be so lucky for me.  I had to take out four blocks and move them.  Here is the original layout.
I debated about the upper left hand block because the background fabric is the same as the border fabric.  I had decided just to leave it.  Then a friend pointed out that I had two cats in the wrong position in the fourth row down.  To continue the dark and light diagonal backgrounds, those two needed to be reversed.  I decided to reverse those two cats.  And I might as well take care of the cat in the corner at the same time.  It required moving four blocks to do it.  Now the quilt is done.  It was made all from stash fabrics.

Next I finished a very small quilt.  I am thinking it was from one of Lori's (Humble Quilts) sew along but I can't say for sure.  I can't find the info on her blog.  The quilting was just something to get it done.  I used scraps from the scrap basket to make this.
I have a table runner ready for binding so I will have something new to share with you in a day or so.  Stop back for a look.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I just finished a table mat using wool applique on cotton.  I used a free design found on Homeberries.  The designs print out in three sizes and I used the largest.  The smaller sizes, I think, would be used for embroidery.  I am going to enjoy displaying this in the fall.
Hope you find time to sew this evening.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I just finished sewing the "Berries and Baskets" table runner.  I don't know when it will get quilted but the top is together.  The pattern is by Joined At the Hip and was in a magazine called "Quilting Ideas"  A fall issue but I don't know what year.  I only have the pages of the magazine that involve instructions for the table runner.
It is 20" by 42".  It is hard to tell in the picture but the sashings are an olive green with a yellow/orange dot.

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I am working on a new table runner project.  I love baskets both real ones and on quilts.  For this runner, I am using a pattern by "Joined At The Hip" called "Berries and Baskets".  I have used wool on a cotton background for the applique part of the runner.  Next I need to do the pieced blocks.
The berries I made by cutting circle shapes of the wool and using pinking shears around the edges for a more ragged look.

I changed the header quilt to a fall look flimsy that I made a good while back.  I used a Fons and Porter pattern for it.  Fused the parts and did buttonhole stitch embroidery with black floss.

Lots of sewing going on here today.  Stop back again soon to see what I am working on.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The "13 Lucky Cats" flimsy is done.  I should have placed the top left block on an inner section of the quilt.  I decided on the orange black plaid border fabric after I had the first inner border on.  The fabric I thought I would use for the border just didn't look right so I went to plan B.  I may move that block yet but right now I am not in the unsew mood.

In case you did not read the previous post and are wondering about the cat pattern, it is in "Redwagon Originals" and is by Linda Brannock.

I am working on a wool on cotton table runner today.  A fall look piece.  So many projects and not enough time.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Back in August, I showed the beginnings of a large quilt block I was creating from an antique quilt design.  You can read about it here and also follow a link to the quilt that inspired me.  I changed the flower design to having three pink petals instead of five.  That was because I thought it would be hard to have that many points coming together at the stem area.  Even with three pinks and the blue green leaves that surround the flower, I had a problem.  I got one done where it looked okay but not great.
I attempted to take a photo of one that was pretty bad but the picture was way too light.  Here is one that I gave up on.
I just couldn't get the ends all tucked in nicely and covering what they needed to cover.  My solution was to make circles that covered all those parts.  Here is the completed  wall hanging flimsy.  The little circles worked well and just seem like part of the design.
I sewed the borders on this morning using the fabrics  left over from the applique.  As I was putting scraps in the scrap basket and some bigger pieces on the fabric shelves, I discovered a piece that probably would have been better for the border.  But I don't think it is enough of a difference to warrant taking off what is already sewn on.  You can see it on the left side of the picture below.
I can't say that I am in love with this piece.  It was a fun experience and that makes me happy and that is what matters.

I was inspired by a friend in one of my Yahoo prim groups with her "13 Lucky Cats" quilt.  I have wanted to make the quilt for years.  It is in an old Red Wagon book.  I started on the blocks Saturday.  Below are the cats I have done.  All the blocks left to do are black on orange.  I hope to have them done by tomorrow.  I have the pieced blocks done and waiting.
I hope you will have time to sew and enjoy the day as much as I plan to.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler Quilt"

More blocks done for the "Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler Quilt".

The block on the right side is the one that had a red fabric run when I rinsed the block.  I figured the block was a lost cause but I threw it in the washing machine with a color catcher and a load of towels.  The migrating red marks came out and the block is saved.  None of the blocks have been trimmed yet.  My favorite of these three blocks is the one in the middle with the three cherries.

Thanks for paying me a visit.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A new finish called "In Full Bloom".  The pattern is by Edyta Sitar and is a free pattern available here.  I had a similar background in stash to use for the applique as the sample for the pattern.  It did not take long to do the applique and I quickly machine quilted it for a finished piece.
This finished at approximately 18 inches square so not a big piece.  It would make a nice center block for a medallion quilt but I doubt I will repeat it.  So many other things I want to make.

Have a good day.

Monday, October 1, 2012


It is time to show the section of "A Little Porch Time" that Lori of Humble Quilts assigned us to stitch in September.  I started working on it yesterday evening and finished it this evening.
The upper left block was to be a pair of small hands to represent children.  Since there was already a hand in this section, I decided to substitute a dog instead.  I found a Country Threads pattern with a dog.  Too large for this block so I drew a nine inch square and drew a similar shaped dog that would fit within the square.  On the other side of the quilt will be a long cat which is as the quilt is designed.  There are two big applique sections coming up.  I won't be able to wait until the last minute to do those.

Back to my stitching.