Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am not sure if "Comfort and Joy" is complete or not.  I added borders and have not decided whether to add touches of applique to the border or if I should leave as is.  I will decide after seeing the finishes others in the group working on the same quilt have done.
Pay a visit to Anne's blog for links to view the other quilt tops.

My previous post shows the "A Little Porch Time" progress.  Both quilts were to be shown in final form today.  I took the porch quilt picture after 11 pm last evening.  I just could not face trying to get another good size quilt up on the design wall that time of night.  So, I have done two posts for one day instead of one.

Take time to sew today.  I know I will.


Time for the January update on "A Little Porch Time".  I was not able to take a good picture and get the whole quilt in.  No one to help me today.
I could not get the left border in the quilt but it is done.  The bottom border, you can only see part of it.  I still have a bird house to add plus two butterflies and those are all on the bottom border.  I did not add a date of any kind by the sunflower.  I have to think about that.  But I am very close to having all the applique done.  When I get to that point, I will try to get a better picture.

Visit Lori's blog to see her complete quilt top.

I will also be taking a picture of the Christmas quilt I have been working on for another update.  I will do a part two later today for that.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I finished blocks two and three of the Sally Post Floral quilt patterns.  I thought I would add setting triangles to the blocks so I can see if the red I chose will make me happy.
The red fabric has been in my stash for quite a while.  It is from the Smithsonian Rising Sun collection.  I purchased another red fabric for the triangles but think I like this one better.

I went to the local quilt shop today looking for a pink for sashings and this is what I settled on.  I tried several pinks and none of them made me 100% happy.  With the double pinks I am using for flowers, I thought I needed a brighter solid pink.  I will see how it goes.  It would be too hard to order online as there are so many shades of pink available.

My sister-in-law found a quilting hoop at the Goodwill and purchased it for me.  It was $4.50 and a very nice quality hoop with a base.

I paid a visit to the Hospice thrift store last week and found this doll carriage.  I plan on putting some small quilts in it.  I am trying to decide whether to leave it white or paint it and, if so, what color paint.
I am making progress on the applique borders for "A Little Porch Time".  Thursday is the day to share what I have done so check back with me then.  I have to find a way to take a picture as it is a big quilt.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


January has been a very busy month at our home.  A wonderful visit from my brother and wife who live in Wisconsin. They will probably be spending time in Florida during the winter months in another part of the state.  But close enough that we could visit once in a while.  And my husband's sister has been in town for over three weeks.  We have been doing a lot with her so not much stitching time has happened.

My SIL and I have been visiting the Goodwill Clearance Center about once a week.  I only found two or three more plaid shirts to add to my collection.  There are people who have been there each time we go, and loading up two or three carts each time.  I am not sure what they do with the clothing.  Anyhow, we purchased a bunch of t-shirts in a variety of colors.  I rotary cut 1/2" by 3" strips of the t-shirt fabric and have a bunch ready for my SIL to take with her when she leaves.  She will be making shag rugs with the pieces using the rubbery grid stuff that you put beneath a rug to keep it from slipping.  We discovered you can do it with a latch hook.

I have been working on the "A Little Porch Time" applique quilt but am not ready to post an update picture just yet.  I did make my first "Sally Post Floral Sampler" block.  The pattern series is available free on Sentimental Quilts.  A new block released each Saturday.
I took over management of  the "Prim Folk Art Quilts" Yahoo group a few months ago.  Several of the members wanted to work on the Sally Post blocks as our group project for the year.  We are doing it casually.  In other words, you make as many in a month as is comfortable for you and post a picture each month of what you have completed.  No pressure.  There are 36 blocks to make the whole quilt.  Three per month is my goal to complete all the blocks in a year.  Some will make a few blocks for a wall hanging size quilt instead of all 36.  The group focus is prim/folk art style quilts but we also share other style prim projects such as hooked rugs, embroidery, etc.  If you are considering making the Sally Post quilt  and you make prim style quilts, you might like to join our online group.  Even if you don't care to work on that particular project but love to stitch the prim quilts, there is room for you.  Some of the group members are working on their own quilt projects this year instead of the Sally Post blocks and we encourage them along the way.

In my thrift store shopping spree recently, I came across a Rowenta travel size iron.  It was marked $3.99 but with my senior discount, it was $3.59.  It does heat up and looks almost new.  You can add water for steam but I haven't tried that yet.  The handle can be lowered so that it is more compact when packing it away.  Does anyone have this brand travel iron and do you like it?
I really did not need a travel iron as I already have one (a different brand) but this seemed like such a good buy that I took it home with me.  There was no case with it but I could easily make one if the mood hits.

Time to get some sewing done.  I hope you enjoy your day and have some sewing time too.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


The old is the wood sleigh purchased at a thrift store.  I doubt it is old but looks like it has been around a while.  Something new is a very special little quilt from a very special friend.
Now to decide where the sleigh and quilt will sit.

Company coming today.  This will have to be a short post as I need to get ready.  I hope you have had a good start to your New Year.  I know I have.