Sunday, April 28, 2013


I received a surprise package in the mail a couple days ago.  From a good friend (non blogger).  It contained an antique quilt.  She had been lucky enough to get several quilts at a garage sale for twenty dollars each.  I saw Jean a week ago and she showed me pictures of the quilt and said she thought I would like it because it is brown.  I had no idea she would send it to me.  Here is a picture.

And a close-up.
I think this is a Triple Irish Chain but correct me if I am wrong.  The colored squares in the main body of the quilt have an "X" quilted in each.  The off white squares are quilted with a square about 1/4" in.  The squares on point and the strips surrounding have a continued pattern of squares quilted just as if those strips consisted of separate squares.  There is a small hole in the quilt.  I can see that a thin cotton batting was used.  The quilting stitches nicely done.  The corners of the quilt slightly rounded.  The young people selling the quilts did not want them even though they were passed down in the family.  Thank you, Jean!

I have updates on quilt projects to share but will do that another day.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I just finished up my April Sally Post Floral quilt blocks.  I am now 1/3 of the way done.  Twenty-four more to applique.  I like the sound of 1/3 done better than 24 more to stitch even though comes out the same.
I still have not settled on a sashing fabric to use with the blocks.  I wish I could find it at the local quilt shops but no such luck.  And it is difficult to determine looking online if the fabric I am selecting will actually be what I want when it arrives.  The last I ordered was not.

I just pulled out another UFO that has been lingering and am going to work on it this evening.  I should be working on another block of the month project but I feel this UFO will not take a lot of time.  It is a summer quilt and summer is just around the corner.  Those of you with snow may not feel that way.  Here in Florida, we do.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I felt the need to completely finish some of my quilt projects and managed to complete four.  The first is a sunflowers quilt that will be displayed on a sofa back.  The pattern was in the book "Crossroads" by Ginger Cookie Company.
I had the exact border fabric that was used in the original quilt.  Just happened to have it in stash.  I sure thought I pinned the quilt straight on the design wall but I see I got one end lower than the rest.  It really is pinning off.

Next finish is "Basket Collection:.  The pattern is found in "Home Sweet Home" by Joined at the Hip.  Mary from Quilt Hollow did the machine custom quilting and did a wonderful job.  I did the binding a few nights ago.

The third finish is "The Partridge and the Pears" which was a free design by Missie of Hallbrook Designs

.I added a border and then did big stitching with Perl cotton thread.  Thank you Missie for the design.

And the last finish is from a free pattern given to us by Cheri Saffiote-Payne.  She was making one for her mother for Mother's Day and shared the design with her blog readers.  Thank you, Cheri!
It is good to have finishes!  I have plenty more waiting in the wings that would like to be completed too.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I finished the "Folk Art Tribute" quilt top yesterday evening.  It is about 61 inches by 72 inches.  I managed to get it up on the design wall this morning for a picture.
The applique involves nice large pieces and is fairly easy applique.  Enjoyable stitching.  The pattern is by Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Quilts.

You will find me in my sewing room today.  Straightening up and putting things away.  I have so many pieces and parts laying out that I am forgetting what goes to what.  Enjoy your day.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Hurray!  I am feeling better.  Still not 100% feel good.  More like 90%.  I have felt like stitching and would like to share pictures with you.

First is a block called "Hospitality".  It is the third block for "Sweet and Simple".
The second block is number four also for the same quilt project.  It is called "House Divided".

I also stitched on two blocks for "Lady's Garden Club and Sewing Circle".  They are from a pattern in Linda Brannock's book called "Cotton and Wool - Miss Jump's Farewell".  There are to be three more lady blocks, some piecing and then hollyhock applique added.

I have more to share with you but need to move a flower further down into a block.  I got it too close to the seam line which I discovered upon trimming the block to size.

We had a ton of rain here yesterday.  I am not complaining as we needed it very much.  The pool overflowed and the lake behind us is fuller than it should be but not a problem.  The sun is out and should be a nice day today.

Happy Stitching to you!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I have not sewn in two days because of a bad cold.  I mentioned previously that one of our guests came down with a head cold the day after arriving.  My husband was the next to get it followed by me a day later. I seem to have had the worst of the three.  I have had a lot of sinus pain and have gone through many, many tissues.  Lots of coughing.  I stayed in bed most of two days.  This afternoon, the sinus pain went away and I am up and moving though I still have a way to go to say I am on the upside.

Before the misery set in, I finished two more blocks for the Folk Art Tribute quilt.  One twelve inch block and the center 24 inch block.

And a picture of all the completed blocks on the design wall.

I am going to attempt some stitching this evening on the long basket block that goes along the right hand side.  I have part of it stitched already so not a lot left to do.  As I said before, this was a free set of patterns by Dawn Heese but they are no longer free.  She sells a complete pattern on her website.  Many of the patterns are from the Electric Quilt program if you have that software.

Back to blowing my nose and stitching in between.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I finally finished another row for the snowman quilt.  I do see that I need to add a touch of embroidery to the church steps.
I casually placed the first row above for a look see.
And I notice one row is longer than the other.  The snow fits on the lower row and the snow is a bit short on the top row....yet the top row is the one that is shorter.  So, I am going to have to do some adjusting.  The pattern pieces for the snow were hard to work with.  They were in sections that needed to be added to each other.  I must have added something wrong to one of these rows.  One row takes a lot of stitching time.  It is like doing three or four applique blocks.

I prepped all the blocks for "Folk Art Tribute" which was a free pattern by Dawn Heese a couple years ago.  It is no longer free but is available for sale.

And a view of all together.
I have one more block this size to stitch and then the large blocks.

We have been busy doing things with our company.  We have visited three antique shops.  I forgot my camera for the first shop and there were interesting items I would have liked to photograph.  The second shop had a Singer treadle sewing machine.  I should have taken a picture of the cradle from the front side of it.
There is no room for a treadle machine at my house and I thought the price was a bit high.  The third antique mall had a sign on the entrance saying no photography either by camera or cell phone.  I have never seen an antique shop that would not allow photography.  What if you saw an item that might interest a friend.  How could you show it to them?

Well, time to get back to stitching.  Our guests are out for the day.  We opted for a quiet time since my husband has a cold.