Sunday, June 30, 2013


I made it!  The three Sally Post quilt blocks for June are done.
The block with the yellow flower was not the easiest to stitch because of the thin petals.  I did not look forward to that part of the block.  I cut the flower shape in one piece and just stitched slowly.  I can't say that it is my best work but will do.

A third try to order sashing fabric online and this is what I have ended up with. A medium reproduction pink.  The first pink I ordered ended up to be too strong of a pink.  The second way too light.  I am going with the third one.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


No finishes to show you.  I have several things going at one time and some things I am mulling in my mind.  All are slowing me down.
First off is the snowman row quilt.  I got all the applique done and added the last row to what I already had done.  Then I discovered I had the tree and a pheasant too far over.  I only discovered that when I went to trim the left side of the quilt top.  I just couldn't deal with moving the applique parts over at the time so it sits waiting for me to do that..

I came across the plastic container with the "Soot and Ashes" project in it.  I had only started cutting out the wool applique parts before putting it away.  This was a sew-along I participated in with Cheri Payne.  I finished prepping all the applique and now in the process of stitching it down.  This time I am using perle cotton for the applique.

I am running out of time to get my three Sally Post blocks done for June.  This is the first of those that is in the stitching process.  I am going to work on it this morning.

This quilt has been in the hoop a bit.  I decided to hand quilt it but have not taken very many stitches.

I am mulling a design around in my mind.  I printed out a picture of an antique quilt, isolated different elements and enlarged them.  I ordered some fabric and am waiting for its arrival.  I am hoping it is close in color to what the antique quilt colors are.  And hoping that what I have in mind will work.

I should have taken a photo of the pile of fabric I have pulled out for a Jan Patek quilt pattern I have in mind to make but that would be boring.  Mostly I have backgrounds pulled.  I am hoping to come up with enough from stash to  pull it off.  The problem is that there are two quilts that use a very similar basket design and I like them both.  They are in two different Jan Patek quilt pattern books.  Which to do?  I have backgrounds for the one version but maybe not large enough pieces of the blues I would need to use.  The other version, I am having trouble finding the right fabrics for the backgrounds that are large enough for center of the quilt.  But I do have plenty of the fabrics for the baskets.  So think some more and maybe I can make a decision later today.

Also, like many of you, I am interested in the new block of the month starting with Esther Aliu.  A rather ambitious eighteen month project.  The patterns will be free for a month.  You can read about it here if you are not famiilar with it.

Have a good sewing day.


Like many others, I don't know we have to claim our blog for Bloglovin'.  I have been using their reader for a while now and working fine.  But now I will complete the process.

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I will be back later with something more interesting.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


An update on the snowman row quilt.  I am working on the last row and about 1/3 done.  I was anxious to see how things are going to fit together.  I made the rows a bit longer so I could trim in the end.  The left side of the quilt is not trimmed yet.  This is not a good picture.  There are some boxes in the way on the floor so I had to stand to the side to take a picture.  Makes it look sort of lopsided.
I should be working on the last row applique but instead I have been in the sewing room the last two days and will be there again today.  I am prepping blocks for a Noah's Ark pattern by Country Threads.  It is taking a lot more time than I anticipated.  Here is a picture of the pattern cover so you can see what it should look like.
I made a version of a Jan Patek Noah's Ark pattern in 2009.  Here is a picture of that quilt.
I have one more Noah pattern that I could make in the future. It is by Jill Kemp.  Looks like I will have a Noah's Ark quilt collection in the end.   Have you made a Noah's Ark quilt?

Off to the sewing room.  Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My "Folk Art Tribute" quilt finally has the binding done.  Mary from Quilt Hollow worked her magic with the quilting.  I trusted her to pick an all-over type design.  I am very pleased with the result.  I have had the quilt back for a few weeks but put off doing the binding.  I don't mind doing binding.  It is just that applique is so much more interesting.
"Folk Art Tribute" was a set of free patterns from Dawn Heese.  I think my favorite block is the tall, tall basket block.  The pineapple a close second.  Easy stitching.  A nice size quilt to cover up with.  The block patterns are no longer free but you can purchase a pattern here.  I just very recently purchased a copy of her new book "Inspired".  It has some wonderful quilt patterns.
Time for me to head to the sewing room.  Since you can't join me there, I hope you are going to spend time in your sewing room today.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Walk In the Garden and Indiana Rose

I finished two applique blocks.  Not for the same quilt.  The first is a block called "Walk In the Garden" and is from the Ginger Cookie Company book called "Crossroads".
The fabrics are a little pale looking for my taste.  I am thinking of doing a buttonhole stitch around the applique pieces in floss colors that are a bit darker.  The pattern in the book is for a pillow.  So a single block.  I intended to make four blocks for a wall hanging.  I will have to see if the lighter colors grow on me a bit more.

I did a trial block for another wall hanging.  I used a pattern called "Indiana Rose" from a Kay MacKenzie applique book.  Her book is the block patterns only with a computer CD to print them out in a variety of sizes.
I made a change in the design.  The little rosette shape for the center was not looking good when I stitched it.  The curves were so subtle that it looked more like I had bumps and humps.  I took really small stitches to try to avoid it but it still didn't look good.  So I changed the shape to a circle and it looks much better.  What I wanted to know was, if I traced the design onto the dark background with a chalk pencil, it would last long enough for me to stitch the entire block.  I was careful in handling it and it was a success.  I plan on making nine blocks.  Five with a dark background and four light.  I used fabrics from a layer cake for the project.

Time for me to stitch.  Have a great day.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have the third part done of the sew-along with Lori and Randy.  My placement of color is slightly different than the instructions given.  I made four blocks with all gold pieces in the center.  I did not like those.  I played on Electric Quilt for a while with placement of the red, blue, and tan colors within the block and finally settled on what you see.
I just spotted a piece I have turned the wrong direction.  Here comes the seam ripper!

I found a second block with a part turned the wrong way.  Several commentors said they could not find the error.  The first one is in the top row 2nd block from the left.  The second is on the right side.  Count down five blocks.  I just finished un-sewing and turning parts the correct way.  Here is the new photo.