Thursday, June 27, 2013


No finishes to show you.  I have several things going at one time and some things I am mulling in my mind.  All are slowing me down.
First off is the snowman row quilt.  I got all the applique done and added the last row to what I already had done.  Then I discovered I had the tree and a pheasant too far over.  I only discovered that when I went to trim the left side of the quilt top.  I just couldn't deal with moving the applique parts over at the time so it sits waiting for me to do that..

I came across the plastic container with the "Soot and Ashes" project in it.  I had only started cutting out the wool applique parts before putting it away.  This was a sew-along I participated in with Cheri Payne.  I finished prepping all the applique and now in the process of stitching it down.  This time I am using perle cotton for the applique.

I am running out of time to get my three Sally Post blocks done for June.  This is the first of those that is in the stitching process.  I am going to work on it this morning.

This quilt has been in the hoop a bit.  I decided to hand quilt it but have not taken very many stitches.

I am mulling a design around in my mind.  I printed out a picture of an antique quilt, isolated different elements and enlarged them.  I ordered some fabric and am waiting for its arrival.  I am hoping it is close in color to what the antique quilt colors are.  And hoping that what I have in mind will work.

I should have taken a photo of the pile of fabric I have pulled out for a Jan Patek quilt pattern I have in mind to make but that would be boring.  Mostly I have backgrounds pulled.  I am hoping to come up with enough from stash to  pull it off.  The problem is that there are two quilts that use a very similar basket design and I like them both.  They are in two different Jan Patek quilt pattern books.  Which to do?  I have backgrounds for the one version but maybe not large enough pieces of the blues I would need to use.  The other version, I am having trouble finding the right fabrics for the backgrounds that are large enough for center of the quilt.  But I do have plenty of the fabrics for the baskets.  So think some more and maybe I can make a decision later today.

Also, like many of you, I am interested in the new block of the month starting with Esther Aliu.  A rather ambitious eighteen month project.  The patterns will be free for a month.  You can read about it here if you are not famiilar with it.

Have a good sewing day.


sunny said...

Gee, it's too bad you've run out of things to do! LOL! When I discover I've made a mistake, I often put it aside for awhile, too. THen one day, I just pick it up, make the fix, and move on. Can't wait to see which basket project you're working on.

paulette said...

Too bad about the tree and are smart to put it aside to mull it over! I can't WAIT to see the basket me some baskets!
Also I went over to see the free BOM! WOW! That is going to be an heirloom for sure!! Not something for the faint of heart, that's for sure!! It is going to be stunning!!
Well you have a full plate...wonder what you are working on today?? haha

Lori said...

Love the quilt top in the hoop. Is is a small one?
Which patek quilts are you thinking about doing?
Love your projects!!

Gari in AL said...

Esther's quilt would certainly be very different from what you are currently working on. I usually can only handle 4 projects at a time, plus 3-4 BOMs, but I think Esther's quilt will need a whole lot more of my time, if I try it. I will probably make that first block (center circle) and then decide from there. Good luck.

Janet O. said...

I can understand having to set the snowman quilt aside. When you think you have completed something, whether all or part of a quilt, and find out it needs to be revisited with a ripper, it is so disheartening. You need to distance yourself from it for a spell. : )
You have wonderful projects going. You know I marvel because of all the applique. I LOVE the little "Peace and Plenty" quilt, and every Sally Post block I have seen you make has been beautiful. Keep up the good work! (Like you ever wouldn't.)

Loris said...

Making notes to 'self' here about things you are finding in your snowman construction...will definitely cut the rows longer than needed and mark where the pieces need to end.
I'm still trying to catch up here...and am told I'm painting in the garage today, so I'm not making fast progress.
The BOM starting is nothing short of stunning. I'm hoping you do it so I can watch :-)

WoolenSails said...

You do so many wonderful applique projects, I really need to get myself organized. Sometimes I wish I could start over and might just do that with some things, put them away and out of mind and just have fun making some new things that I will finish.


audrey said...

You are very busy! So many projects that it does start weighing on the mind. I have looked at the new Esther BOM too and wondered? hmmmm... It would definitely be the most ambitious quilt I've ever attempted.:)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! You are definitely keeping busy! Love the row quilt~ too bad the tree and birds didn't cooperate. I sympathize with having to rip. :-( I think Ester's BOM is a little too ambitious for me... :-/ Have a happy day!

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Hi Karen! I've been in the same dilemma lately - too much, too little... still not enough time :)

I also have seen Ester's project - and even though all the above things are still true - I went ahead and signed up! Jumping in!
How about you?!

Cheryl said...

Love all your this and that. Looking forward to seeing what your antique design will be.

Shakerwood said...

I'm right there with you on the Soots and Ashes. BUT I have my wool applique finished. I just wanted to add something more to my bottom border (I did a different layout from everyone else) I just don't know what that is. Then I can quilt and bind.... someday!