Sunday, August 25, 2013


I am participating in a Yahoo prim quilt group's free pattern challenge.  There is a list of links to free quilt patterns available on the internet.  I chose one and have done the applique block for the center of the medallion style quilt.  At this point, I am thinking of what I want to add to it.  Something different than what is shown on the pattern.
I used a pattern called "Lydia's Dowry" by Patty Harants.  You can find the pattern here.  I used some French General fabrics and a little from other lines of fabrics that worked well.  The pattern has a small drawing of the applique design and it has to be enlarged quite a bit.  When I enlarged it, the design became pixelated but since it is prim style, I just traced the lines smoothing out as I went along.  The background stripe has a mottled look which I like.  The block is to finish at 24 inches square but I may trim it a bit larger.

Back to the thinking.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have a new toy.  My husband purchased a Singer Featherweight for me.  I looked up the serial number and find it dates between 1948 to 1950.  It sews well.  The case is in very good condition and has the metal tray which is sometimes missing.

Did I need it?  You be the judge.
I have three.  I have a black one that is from the 1936 era.  I have the white/celery one which dates to 1964.  Evidently 1964 is the end of when the machines were made.  All three machines sew well.  If you come to visit, we will get them out and play.

The oldest machine has the fancier end plate.
The latest purchase has the more simple design end plate.
The white/celery colored machine is a Plain Jane on the end.  It is different from the black machines in that it does not have a detachable connection for the foot control.

No, I do not need three of them but each is different in some way and a delight to have.  I have some other smaller size vintage sewing machines and enjoy having all of them.  The latest addition Featherweight came from an antique shop in the Smokey Mountains.  There were two and it was hard to pick between them.  Both were in good shape.  I chose the one that had the metal tray in the case.  We saw a whole case of Featherweights in another antique shop in the area but they were priced much higher.

I had trouble getting back into the stitching mode after vacation.  I am behind on my block of the month projects.  Just this week, I have settled back into a stitching routine and am making headway.  I will have blocks to share very soon.

Time for me to sit in the chair and stitch.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Blackbird Sampler

After a vacation, it takes me a while to settle down into a stitching routine.  Almost a week this time though I was busy in the sewing room prepping a large applique project.  Once the mood to stitch hit, I made "Blackbird Sampler".  An easy and quick project though it is only to the flimsy stage.
The pattern is from the book "Ladybird, Ladybird" by Jan Patek and Alma Allen.  I had envisioned using a red and tan print for the border to add color to the piece but this leftover black print with crows spoke up and said it wanted to be used.  The sample in the book was made into a framed piece but I chose to make it so that it could be used on the wall, on a table, or in a basket.

I have been gifted some wonderful items the last couple months.  I finally gathered them up from different locations and put them together for a picture.
There are some home made soaps that I have been anxious to try but not until I took a picture.  I should have taken the picture before washing the bundle of plaid fabrics as they were so pretty all tied up nice and neat.  I pre-wash my fabrics so into the washer they went.  Those little tiny pineapple ornaments are so cute and well made.  The charm squares will go with some other Primitive Gatherings fabrics that I got on sale.  I have not decided where to display the small wall hanging yet.  It is oh so me.  And of course, the Jan Patek quilt kit is very much appreciated.  I feel blessed to have such met and made good friends via my quilt blog.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and letting me share with you.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


We took a ten day vacation to the Smokey Mountains/Blue Ridge Parkway area.  We came across an antique store with so many vintage/antique quilts.  I am going to share pictures with you showing the displays.  I did not unfold the quilts for photos.  Just too many crammed in small spaces.

The name of this pattern escapes me at the moment.  The red and white is what caught my eye.  A quilt top and not a bad price.  Hand pieced, if I remember correctly.

A Drunkard's Path quilt in red and white.

The basket quilt was probably my favorite one.

I have often thought of purchasing the embroidery designs for the Bible quilt blocks.  Some day!

This is the first of a few pictures of shelves within what appears to be a vintage cooler from a store.  I would love to have this unit along a wall in my house with all those quilts in it.  I don't know how good it would be for the preservation of the quilts.
The quilt with the orange/cheddar background looks intriguing.

I like this Log Cabin quilt.  I don't often see one in an antique shop.

This chest had quilts all the way to the bottom.  I took a picture of the chest itself but cannot get it to load onto my blog post.  It was a good size hope chest.

The quilt shop was east of Canton, North Carolina.  I did not make note of the name of the shop.  Google Search is down right now or I would do a search for the shop name.  The only problem I can see with the shop is that it is very musty smelling.  Prices on the quilts did not seem out of line.  There was a glass case with many Singer Featherweight machines in cases.  The prices were too high on those in my opinion.  I hope to get a chance to browse her next year and maybe unfold some quilts for photos.

I had a conversation with a lady who was checking out the quilts in the cooler.  Her name is Rose and her sister owns a quilt shop in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  About 60 miles north of me.  We have been by the shop twice in recent weeks but not when it was open.  Rose was like me.  Just a looker and not a buyer but it was fun.  

Enjoy the rest of your day.  Take time to sew!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moore About Nancy Blog

I recently came across a blog entitled "Moore About Nancy Blog"  She is doing a sew-along of Nancy Cabot blocks.  She is giving information about each block, links to quilts made with them, some pattern info.  She refers to Electric Quilt often as to a location for the patterns.  I know many of you like to do block sew-alongs and might be interested in taking a look at the blog.  She is making the blocks in a six inch size and tells you what ones would be difficult to do in that size (she skips making those).  Here is a link to the blog.  Here is a picture of the latest block.


Friday, August 2, 2013


Many of you know that I have serious lower back pain if I am standing or walking.  I didn't even realize that my transformation from standing at a nice counter height cutting table in the sewing room to sitting for cutting was happening.  I began to realize that my cutting table was being used for fabric piles and nothing else and so it was given away.  I am working on preparing a large applique quilt project and thought that it was a good time to show you how I manage doing it all sitting down.  I warn you that I get messy when I am selecting fabrics and cutting out parts for applique.  I know a lot of you would be putting things away each evening and keeping a neat area but I don't work that way.

This is a view of the work area as I start into the sewing room.  I work within a sort of "U" shape.  The sewing cabinet in front of me, the ironing station to the right, and the cutting table to the left.  Fabric behind me and anywhere else I decide to deposit it while working with it.

I keep the drawer in the sewing cabinet open when I am working.  Inside it are scissors, seam ripper, rotary cutters (both for fabric cutting and paper cutting), tracing pens and pencils of all sorts,  Scotch tape,and a variety of other small tools and sewing items.

Below that drawer is an old wood box that holds an assortment of rulers and tracing paper pad.

To the right side under the machine is a narrow shelf.  I keep a tin with larger scissors, a stapler, more marking pencils, and a paper punch.  The shelf also holds spray starch.  It does get dusty down there.  I keep a jug of water down in that area for the steam iron.  Sometimes the freezer paper is in that area or stored just to the left of the machine cabinet along with a bolt of Heat 'n Bond Lite (in case I want to fusible applique).
The top of the machine cabinet holds all sorts of items when I am prepping a project.  The patterns, block backgrounds, pin cushion, scissors, etc.  I keep a battery operated pencil sharpener there when I am working.  It is kept below on the narrow shelf when I am using the sewing machine.

To the right on the folding table is the ironing pad and iron.  There is also a floor lamp.  The type that the top is open.  I have a daylight bulb in it.  When I flip the switch on the power bar below the iron (I usually do it with a toe), the iron and lamp come on.  The overhead light fixture in the room has several daylight bulbs in it also.

Also below the folding tray is a portable Ott light that I use with my tracing stand.  The stand is propped up against the floor lamp.  I use that for tracing the applique design to the background.  I am going to purchase an LED light that is battery operated and will fit beneath the plastic tracing stand so that I will have one less cord to worry about.

To the right of the ironing stand starts my stash shelving units.  I keep three shelves of supplies in the first one.  Items such as basting spray, Clover bias makers, a plastic template for making different size circles, stick glue, Roxanne's Glue Baste It, needles and many other items.

In the cubicles beside the glues are sewing machine threads in plastic containers.

Below on the floor are the sewing machine attachments.

Now to the area behind me as I sit at the machine are the current fabrics I am using for the project in the works.  It looks messy and a large pile but underneath are a couple baskets of fabric that are stored for other projects in the works.  So not as much pulled out as it would seem.

My cutting table is a small folding table.  It holds a 24" cutting board.  It I need something larger, I using the kitchen counter.

Across the room is a book case with most of my books and patterns in it or stored to the side.  There is also a swivel office chair there so I can sit and turn if need be.  If I am having trouble sleeping at night, I will sit in that chair and look through quilt books.

On the same wall as the sewing machine cabinet is the design wall.  You will recognize the red and green blocks from two posts ago.  Right now I keep a plastic grocery bag on the door knob handle for scraps that are smaller than I care to save but might be usable to someone else.

So that is it.  It works for me!

Thanks for paying my blog a visit.