Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Tiptoe Through the Tulips.  Sounds like the start of a Tiny Tim tune.  Instead, it is the name of a quilt pattern I am using to make an applique quilt.  And great fun, there are four of us working on the same quilt design.  Myself, Lori, Jill (no blog), and Janet (no blog).  I am sharing a picture of the center section of this medallion style quilt.  I still have some flowers to add to the four sides but I have been busy making Christmas gifts.  I will catch up this month.
I am also sharing a picture of the portion that Janet has completed.
Lori will be doing a post and also sharing Jill's center.  I like Janet's big red star with the smaller gold one inside.  I will be using lots of pinks, blues, and browns for my quilt.  Stop by later to see Lori's post.  And if you are interested in the quilt pattern, it can be found here.

Back to my Christmasgift  stitching.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Time for Spring Cleaning.  Certainly not the kind of spring cleaning that involves a vacuum cleaner.  I completed the "Spring Cleaning" section of "My Country Seasons".  I like the big flower on this section.  And the little quilt on the clothesline.
The next section is the summer one and has several people on it so I think it is going to take longer to stitch.  Check back with me in a couple days.

By the way, on Cheri Saffiote-Payne's blog earlier today, she said she had found the file for the pattern to make this quilt and will add it to her website soon.  I don't know how long "soon" is, so if you have been searching for the pattern, check with her.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Autumn Harvest

I just finished the second part of My Country Seasons.  This is the Autumn Harvest section.  A scarecrow, pumpkins, corn stalks and lots more.
This block involved lots of thinking as some parts had to be stitched to the light background, then other sections added to create the additional pieced background.  I forgot to sew the sunflower leaves down before the stem so I had to pull out stitches and slide them under.  I like the final result.

In my previous post, I mentioned that Carol from Brown Quilts had some of the pattern booklets for sale from when she had her quilt shop.  I understand that they all sold but she also has some of the "My Country Week" booklets which is a very similar design.  And a bargain price.  Here is what the design looks like.
Contact Carol if you are interested.  I don't think Indygo Junction has these patterns any longer.

I am going to be working on the spring section of the quilt next.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Chill

I got busy and stitched a section of "My Country Seasons" quilt that I have been prepping for a number of days.  I chose what I considered the easiest section which is "Winter Chill".  I like prim style quilts with people on them and this design so makes me happy. I used a combination of wool and cotton for the applique pieces.
The feet and hands, the trees, the berries, and hat parts are done from wool.  I like mixing  wool and cotton fabrics.

I showed the pattern in my previous post.  Carol from Brown Quilts blog used to have a prim style quilt shop.  She still has a few copies of this pattern booklet available and will sell you one at a bargain price.  Just e-mail her for details if you are interested.  Just pop over to her blog by clicking on the link above.  Then scroll down.  On the left side is a button to e-mail her.  All are sold. 

I am going to sit down and start another section of the quilt.


Friday, November 15, 2013


Not that I have been lazy, but there isn't much to show you sewing wise.  Too much secret sewing.  I have all of my items made for Christmas trades but not mailed off so too soon to post pictures.  I started an combination embroidery/wool project but there isn't enough done to bother taking a picture of.  Mostly I have been in the sewing room prepping parts for "My Country Season" which is a pattern by Cheri.  It didn't look like so much prep work would be needed when I started but it is taking a lot of time and thought.  Here is a picture of the book.
I have most of the applique parts ready to stitch but it is going to take a good amount of time to accomplish.  I am using wool and cottons.  Here is the pile thus far though it doesn't look like much in the picture.
Stay tuned for progress.  Anyone interested in the book, it was put out by Indygo Junction.  I found it listed here.

I have been doing some reading.  I was not sure I would like the ones I selected but since AQS published them, I thought they couldn't be too bad.  I ordered the first two and liked them well enough to order the third.  It is a continuing story.  These are pictures borrowed from Amazon.  The author is Ann Hazelwood.

 The books are light reading.  Mystery style though not a murder mystery.  More of a ghostly mystery story.  I keep thinking that an explanation of the human kind will come out that explains what the characters think of as ghostly happenings.  The author has three phrases that she tends to over use.  "333 Lincoln Street" is one.  How often do you refer to your home by the street name and number?  The author does it over and over.  The second is "a Kodak moment".  The third is ".....mmmmm".  And it is a little too convenient that the main character has fallen in love and married a man who seems to have an endless budget when it comes to fixing up an old house, having someone come in to clean, yard help, etc.  And he cooks too.  You can tell by the titles that each book revolves around a quilt.  I am looking forward to the next book as each book leaves you hanging in the end.  Is anyone else reading these books?

I added a glass basket to my collection.  This is the latest one. Made by Smith Glass.  I prefer Fenton but this one was pretty and reasonable in an antique shop we visited on our recent vacation.
I am going to sit down and enjoy doing some applique stitching this evening.  Enjoy your sewing time too.