Friday, January 31, 2014

Wall Quilts From Jan Patek Designs

I made two wall quilts a bit earlier this month that I have not shown you yet.  Both are from Jan Patek patterns.  The first is a small basket quilt and now I forget which book it is in.

The second is a small pot of flowers with a bird and is from the "Say It With Flowers" book.  I plan on making a second one of these in another colorway.
Both wall quilts are needle turn applique and machine quilted.  And both were fun to make.

I am still going full blast on quilting projects.  I am doing an applique block now that is slowing me down though.  Maybe I can finish it this evening and move on to other things.

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hot Off the Sewing Machine

Fresh and hot off the sewing machine.  A new quilt top.  I have sewn for three days making a Country Threads design called "Winter Solstice".
The pattern is in the Country Threads book called  "Life In the Country".  Lots and lots of cutting and stitching involved in the making.  I had fabric and more fabric pulled out of stash.  Such a mess all around me.  I decided not to linger in making this quilt top so that I could put all those fabrics away.

I haven't done a Country Threads pattern in a good while though I have many books and patterns in stash and like the style.  The only errors were the cause of the project manager and not the architects.  The directions are good and all went together well in the end.

Now on to a block of the month I need to do before January is over.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Dish Ran Away With the Spoon

I have wanted to make "The Dish Ran Sway With the Spoon" wall quilt from a Sarah Sporer pattern for a long time.  I finally took the plunge and did it.
I love those red polka dot high heels, her big red lips, and the long eye lashes.  His bowtie and the shoes with the spats.  The design is in her book called "Childhood...A Time Worth Remembering".  It was published by Indygo Junction in 1999, so a good while ago.  There is a Humpty Dumpty design I like too.  Plus more.  The dish quilt was a fun one to make.  Hand applique and machine quilted.

I have been sewing a good portion of the day on a Country Threads pattern.  I was hoping to get the main body of the quilt all constructed but it was slow going with having to cut pieces using templates.  Not much more to go but I am about done for this evening.  I hope you found some time to enjoy stitching today.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Work

A new finish from a pattern by Cheri Payne.  It is called "Winter Work".  Wool on cotton applique which made it easy stitching.
I used one of the Blackbird Designs sampler  fabrics for the border.  It has the alphabet on it and seems to suit the embroidered alphabet that is part of Cheri's design.  

I received a table mat for my birthday from a friend.  She chose well.
Call me happy!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Fresh out of the dryer.  A finished quilt.
My DH is standing on a step stool holding the quilt up as best as he could.  The quilt is made with lots and lots of reproduction fabrics.  The center section has a broderie perse applique.  I do not remember the name of the pattern or designer.  It was from a magazine from a few years ago.  Mary from Quilt Hollow did the machine quilting.  I chose the Baptist Fan and am pleased with the result.  I like the way the light squares in the pieced blocks form a sort of window pane design.

All done and ready to use.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

April Wall Quilt

April's quilt is "Hare".  Another fun wall quilt done.

I am so enjoying creating small quilts and actually getting them done.

I am anxious for the latest copy of Primitive Quilts and Projects to arrive.  My copy always seems to arrive later than other people's.  I read on Missie Carpenter's blog (Traditional Primitives -she recently changed her blog name) that she has a punch needle project in this issue.  It also shows a wool version that can be done if you aren't into punch needle.  It has birds, berries, and flowers.  I look forward to doing the design in wool.  If you would like to see it, pop over to Missie's blog post.  I also see that she is giving away a year's subscription to the magazine.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Raggedy Snow Angel and the Holiday Trade

I am making some monthly mini quilts from free graphics on the Primitive Blessings website.  Look under the Free Goods tab and then Graphics.  Several to choose from.  I chose the Raggedy Snow Angels because there is one for each month of the year.  I call them Raggedy Snow Angels because they have wings, sort of a snowman shape body and a prim Raggedy Ann head shape.  Here is Janauary.
And here is what the graphic looks like.
I had a Honey and Me snowman print fabric that I used for the wings.  Every piece of fabric I used is from stash.  Stay tuned for more as I find time to stitch them.

Back in December, my little quilt group exchanged small quilts.  I was unable to attend.  My friend Kenyan had my name so she mailed the wall quilt to me.  The only requirement was that it have at least one word.  Here is what she made me.  It says "Im a Quiltaholic!".  I would say she knows me very well.  These are the kind of colors Kenyan uses in her quilts and I love it.  Thank you, Kenyan.
If you missed seeing the one I made, check back here to my December post.  It was for our friend Rosy.

I am heading to the kitchen to to eat supper.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bless Your Heart and a Mini Quilt Gift

I took a Cheri wall quilt pattern and made three of the four small quilts it offered.  Fun, fun!  The first is the "Bless Your Heart" quilt.
The hearts were meant to be pieced.  Instead, I made a complete heart shape from the three pieces and then did applique on a background fabric.  The sideways heart and the upside down heart are facing the same direction as the pattern sample.  The lettering and the flower shapes are cut from wool.  The rest is cotton.

Next I made the single heart piece.  Well, it is three layers of heart shapes but all put together into one.  The flower part of the wall quilt is wool and the rest is made from cottons..  I quilted three words into the background.  Faith, hope, and love.

The last of the heart wall quilts is made with two angels and three hearts.
It would be hard for me to pick a favorite of the three I made.  I like them all and all were easy to make. The designs are something that could be for Valentine's Day because they are heart quilts but also for other times of the year.   In looking back, I found that Stina made these same three quilts a few years ago.  Check them out if you have time by clicking here.  Stina likes pastel fabrics and it shows in these pieces that she made.

The pattern was published by Indygo Junction and the only place I found it available was at Quilter's Warehouse though you can search further if you are interested in making any of these.

I received a delightful mini quilt from a very dear friend.  The triangles are so small and look perfectly pieced.  She framed the quilt and I have it displayed above the fireplace.  The fabrics are scraps from Jan Patek's Blessings line.  I love the little quilt.

I am busy sewing every day and using up stash.  I definitely see a bit of loosening in the fabric cubicles.  All good.  I am heading back to my stitching chair.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowy Gathering

I recently made a wool mat with snowmen from a pattern by Lisa Bongean. The pattern was in the winter 2013 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  I had wool in my stash that worked very well.  An easy project and it made a nice gift for a special friend.
So many things I want to make.  I am heading back to my easy chair so I can enjoy some stitching time.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Robin

I finished the third one of the Sarah Sporer monthly quilt designs.  This one is called "First Robin".  Most of us associate the first robin sighted as a sign that spring is about to arrive.  I imagine a lot of you are wishing you would see that first one right about now.  So much super cold weather in the northern parts of the USA.

I am working on a heart quilt today.  I want something new for February.  Or maybe two something news.

Bundle up and keep warm.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Noah and Matilda Album Quilt

I made my first block for the Noah and Matilda Album Quilt.  My block has a prim look with my fabric choices and this time I have done fusible applique with a machine buttonhole stitch.  My fabrics are all from stash.  I love the red and green blocks in the original quilt but have plans for two other quilts done in red and green.  I look forward to seeing others making the quilt blocks and what fabrics they select.

Dawn of Collector With A Needle blog has the original 1851 quilt in her collection.  I have borrowed the picture of the antique quilt from Dawn's blog so you can see what it looks like and the variety of block designs.  
She is making the block designs available for download four at a time on a monthly basis.  The price is very reasonable at $5.00 a set.  Part way through the 12 month pattern release period, she will provide border patterns.  What I like about the set up for purchasing is that you are not committed to all twelve months of patterns.  I only purchase the sets I want and they will be available for a long time.  I would think a person would want all but you have the option of less.  And by being able to split the cost up over a period of time, no big outlay in one payment. As soon as my PayPal payment went through, the blocks were available to download and print out.  So no waiting on the mailman.

Dawn is very interested in the history of quilts and their makers.  She is researching the signatures and dates on the quilt.  I look forward to learning more about the maker's of this quilt.   

A busy day sewing for me so I am heading back to the machine.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grandma's House

My first finish for 2014.  The quilt is made from a Cheri pattern called "Grandma's House".  Wool on cotton applique and machine quilted.
I have had this pattern in my Cheri stash for a good long while.  I recently saw a picture on the internet of one that someone else made.  Seeing it reminded me that I had intended on making the quilt last fall.  And that didn't happen.  So not long before Christmas, I started on this.  The background was easy to piece.  The wool fun to play with making my choices for coats, hats, trees, the horse, and a house.  The applique went fast.  On Christmas day, I worked on the wording.  Even before I added the words, my DH was sing the song so I think it must be a good representation for him to have guessed what the quilt theme is.  This is another one of those quilts that I have decided is early for the holiday season instead of late.

We had a discussion about how the song to us represents Thanksgiving but you hear it all through the Christmas season.  I have never ridden in a sleigh but my husband has.  His father had one that he pulled with a tractor.

The pattern is on Cheri's website under the "winter" section.

I am on a roll.  Back to my stitching.