Friday, March 27, 2015

Ohio Collection Quilt Update

The eagle was chosen for the next block Lori and I would stitch for the Ohio Collection quilt.  We felt the eagle pattern in the book was too fancy for the style of the rest of the quilt.  I chose to enlarge a picture of an eagle block from the book "Album Quilts of Ohio's Miami Valley" and created my own pattern.

The block shown in the book had a date of February 4, 1912 embroidered on the flag streaming from the eagle's beak.  I am originally from Ohio and decided to use the town name that I was born in and the year.  The block will be approximately 19 inches square when trimmed to fit into the quilt.

Be sure to visit Lori's blog to see her eagle.  And now Cathy from Big Lake Quilter blog has joined us.  She is playing catch up as she got a late start on making blocks.  Take a peek at her blocks.

There are two or three other quilters that are going to be making a version of the quilt but I don't know that any of them have a start on making blocks.  I will share a link when I know there is blocks posted.

I am enjoying making these blocks.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

1850 Album Quilt Project and Local Quilt Shop

I have started prepping quilt blocks for a new quilt project.  I recently found a Laurene Sinema pattern for her "1850 Album Quilt".   I did a search and cannot find the pattern for sale anywhere at this time.  It used to be available through Pattern Peddlers but I do not find it there now. I was able to purchase mine through an E-Bay seller that had several of Laurene's patterns.   I am using reds and greens in reproduction style fabrics.

I made a trip to one of the local quilt shops today and finally remembered to take my camera along.  The shop is The Quilt Place and is in Rockledge, Florida.  Quite a large size shop and loaded with fabric but not a lot of the style I like.  There are quilts hanging from the ceiling all over the shop.  Some are for sale.  I assume that they are the ones the shop no longer stocks the pattern for.  Others are just for inspiration.  This is a long building and you are only seeing the front and a bit of the side.  The shop outgrew this large space and now has a second small size shop nearby that has the clearance fabrics.

And this is where I have been purchasing the solid color fabrics for the Ohio quilt.

Tomorrow will be an update on the Ohio quilt project.  Stop by for a visit if you have the time.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Springtime Blooms

I participated in a spring themed small quilt swap.  This is the small quilt I made for Deb A.  I chose a pattern from Primitive Quilts and Projects called "Springtime Blooms".  It was designed by Laral Arestad and was in the Spring 2013 issue.

The size was to be between 12 and 18 inches.  This one is about 13 inches square.  A combination of wool and cotton and hand quilted.  I enjoyed making it and found it hard to part with.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Catherine's Garden Block Four

I have added a fourth block to the "Catherine's Garden" block of the month that I am working on.

And all four blocks on the design wall.

Information about the block of the month patterns can be found here.  And you can see some of Dawn's blocks with a yellow background here.  A different look than the ones I am making.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ohio Collection Quilt Update

More blocks done for the Ohio Collection quilt I am making.  Two pieced blocks in the same colors as previously used.

Two pieced blocks where I have introduced navy.  I noted that the antique quilt I am pulling my colors from has two blocks with a navy background.  I want to have a bit of navy in my quilt too.

Two more applique blocks.  The Peony and the Carnation blocks.  The peony block was not the easiest to make.

Next a photo of all of the blocks I have made thus far.  This is not how they will be laid out in the quilt.

I spent time with graph paper figuring the layout and spacers that are needed as the book does not give that information.  I also added four more solid fabrics from the local quilt shop to my working stash.

Lori is also working on the same quilt and plans to post her blocks today. Lori is using Civil War style fabrics for her quilt. Be sure to visit her blog.

We have three more quilters joining in on making the quilt.  It will be interesting to see what fabrics they use and what blocks they make.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Common Threads Update

Two things to share with you today.  First is the next four blocks for the Common Threads quilt.  Three pieced blocks and one applique.  A total of twelve blocks done.  Most of the pieced blocks have taken a chunk of time to select fabrics from stash, cut and sew.  Many pieces.

Next, I want to share something silly with you.  Previously, I shared the wool sheep that I had been making a blanket for each month of the year.  I finished through July.  I displayed the January blanket with the cabin and trees on it during January.  Then I could not find the others that I had made.  I looked in the logical places that I might have stored them.  I looked and I looked.  I would forget about it for a week or so and then look again.  February came and went.  March started.  Still no sight of the missing sheep blankets.  Here is a picture of the sheep in its display area.  Please note the table leg to the right.  Now look at the items on the shelf on the bottom of that table in the next picture.
Please note the stack of wool blankets.  About 18 or 20 inches away from the sheep!  I walk by the sheep and that table many times every day.  I even opened a drawer in the table looking for the missing blankets but never looked below.  How clever of me to store them so close to the sheep that they are intended to be displayed on.  So clever, I could not see them unless I bent over.  Please note, I still have note changed from January to March though I do have a picture of the March blanket in my header.  I think I will go change it right now!


Monday, March 9, 2015

Ohio Collection Quilt Project

Lori from Humble Quilts and myself decided it would be fun to both work on a quilt project but needed inspiration.  We have similar taste so lots to choose from.  We settled on making quilts in an antique  multi-block style like those found in the Ohio Miami Valley.  Anita Shackleford published a book called the "Ohio Collection".   We will do a similar layout to the cover quilt and use patterns from the book and others that we like.

In the book, the pieced blocks are first followed by blocks with applique of any sort.  We decided to work on the first pieced block which is the log cabin and then the first block with applique which is the Cherry Basket.  There are four log cabin blocks in the layout we are loosely using.  I chose to only make one.  I substituted a Drunkard's Path block and another basket block with a bit of applique.  These two blocks are found on an antique quilt which is from the Ohio Miami Valley.

I chose to use colors for the quilt that look much like the antique quilt  that was our original inspiration.  Here is a picture of that quilt.

Lori will also be showing her blocks today.  Pay her a visit to see them.  If you are interested in Anita's book check here.  If you would like to know more about the Ohio Miami Valley quilts, go here.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Common Threads Blocks Five Through Eight

I made four more blocks for the "Common Threads" quilt designed by Cheri.  The blocks are 12 inches square.  The pieced blocks take a good bit of cutting fabrics and piecing as there are lots of parts to each.  I am using reproduction fabrics.  You can see all the different blocks used for the quilt on Cheri's site and also what the quilt will look like in the end.  Go here.

I changed one of the flowers out on the applique block.  The lower right one.  Here is what I had to start with.

The print of the fabric bothered me.  Too busy of a look with the other flower fabrics in my opinion.  I am happy that I took the time to stitch a new flower on.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Piece and Plenty Section Eight Blocks

I finished section eight of the "Piece and Plenty" block of the month I have had in the works for a good while.  Busy looking blocks.  Hard to see the handles on the one set of basket blocks.  But I know I will like the finished quilt as I have already made two of them with the same fabrics.

I am half way through the block of the month kits to make the quilt.  The end gets closer with each block.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution Wrap Up

"Flags of the American Revolution" quilt top is done.  I need someone with a wider arm stretch or two people to hold it up for a photo but had to make do.

To refresh your memory, the quilt is from a book by Jan Patek and Edie McGinnis.  I have been participating in a sew-along with some other quilters and Lori from Humble Quilts was the organizer.  Pay her blog a visit to see the progress the other participants made this past month.  I am glad I participated as I don't know that I would have ever taken time to make the quilt otherwise even though I had the book.

I am working on an applique block for a sort of neglected block of the month and will be back soon to share it with you.