Friday, July 31, 2015

Old Voices New Impressions Blocks

The first four blocks of Old Voices New Impressions from the book by Jeana Kimball.  I am using the same background fabric for all the blocks and making twenty-five.

Trumpet Creeper


Antique Rose

Tree Top Feast

There are some other ladies joining in.  We are aiming for at least four blocks a month but whatever is accomplished is just fine.  The book is out of print and all reasonably priced used copies have been sold.  I keep an eye out for new listings of the book and will let you know if I see a copy of the book at reasonable price.  We will be showing our latest blocks the end of each month.

I have enlarged the block designs and am making the version of the quilt shown on the back cover which is using the applique blocks only.  My favorite block in this batch is the one with the bird.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Feathered "T"

I made a sample Feathered "T" block.

The block finishes at 11 1/4 inches.  The pattern is in the book "Cracker Crumbs" by Country Threads.

The block design is shown on the back cover.

The story given in the book is that the Country Threads ladies purchased the four red and white antique blocks at Quilt Market.  They could not find the block design in any reference book so they named the block Feathered "T".  The book gives directions for the 11 1/4 inch blocks and for 6 3/4 inch blocks.

Looking at the blocks on the back cover, I can see possibilities for different looks depending on color, where darks and lights are placed, and style of fabric.  I plan to make more blocks and each different.  I want to use a rogue triangle  here and there like you see in some of the antique quilts.   Play time and no rush to finish.

I like the log cabin quilt on the front cover too.  It is a thin book.  Only 24 pages.  No longer in print but there are a few copies available on Amazon if anything catches your interest.  Or maybe you have the book in your collection already.

A lazy day here for me and time to play.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Freebie Design Done

I finished a small wall hanging from a free design by Jeni From the Willow.  I think it was something I received when I renewed my magazine subscription.  I used wool on cotton for the applique and hand quilted with a Big Stitch.

I love the pink and brown together.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

March Banner

The March banner is done.  Nothing about the design has anything to do with the month of March but I do like the Ball jar.  A Buttermilk Basin design.

If you are participating in the Old Voices New Impressions sew-along, how are you doing?  Goal is four blocks a month with showing what you have accomplished at the end of each month.  More or less blocks is fine.  It is not a race.  I came across another much more reasonable price for a copy of the book.  It is on E-Bay and listed with four other books for $12.95 plus $5.00 shipping.  The main picture does not show the book, so it is hard to recognize that one of the books is this one.  Here is the link.  It appears that someone has purchased the books as the listing has ended.

I have enlarged the block designs and am making the quilt on the back cover of the book.  Here are the fabrics I have chosen for sashing and borders.  I like the pink used on the quilt shown on the back cover of the book but have used pink in two other good size quilts.  I want something different this time.

Here is a picture from the back of the quilt book of the version I intend to make.

I am feeling better but not completely well.  But I do feel like sewing.  I am doing some hand quilting today.  I hope you find time for some kind of sewing too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Three Small Finishes

A one day project to make February's banner from a Buttermilk Basin pattern.  I am working on March today.  I wish I could make one a day for the next ten days and finish the next ten months' worth of patterns.

The next finish is a basket quilt from a pattern by Lori Rippey of HomeSpun Prims by Lori.  I was attracted to her design because of the horizontal stripes and the prim style baskets.  An easy applique project.  I hand quilted using a big stitch.

The third finished quilt is the flag quilt which is from Cheri Payne's freebie design on her blog very recently.  It was fun selecting the flag fabrics from stash.  The crows and star are wool.   Machine quilted.

All three quilt projects were quick ones to make.  Enjoyable to do.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

January Banner

I finally finished the January banner from a pattern set by Buttermilk Basin.  I have had it ready for quilting for several months but it ended up under a pile of other UFO's.  I found it a few days ago and did the quilting (which only took a few minutes by machine).  Then the binding.

The snowmen are wool and on a black flannel background.  Black snaps used for the eyes.  Snaps for the mouth on one of them.

More finishes in the works.