Monday, November 30, 2015

November's Old Voices New Impressions Blocks

The next four "Old Voices New Impressions" blocks are done.

Acorn and Oak Leaf


Baltimore Posies


I am enjoying stitching the blocks for this quilt.  This time I think the Baltimore Posies block is my favorite though the Oak Leaf block is one I like very much too.  Not many blocks left to stitch.

I am keeping my eyes open for any more available copies of the book but none that I know of right now.

I am adding the link-ups below.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Piece and Plenty and More

I have finally completed all the "Piece and Plenty" blocks.  Now to find time to sew everything together.  Here are the last blocks.

This is not one I like very well.  I am working with a kit and this is the fabrics used in the original quilt.  Too busy looking for me with the print basket and the plaid background.

Another busy block.

I changed one of the blocks to this design.  A simplified version of a block in Electric Quilt.

And last, I completed another block for the "Elegant Garden" series of blocks by Edyta Sitar.  I think it is the ninth one I have stitched.

We have had company since last Wednesday so not as much sewing as usual getting done.  We are going out for Thanksgiving dinner at a Greek restaurant that serves a traditional dinner of turkey, ham and all that goes with it.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday (to those in the USA).


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Basket Quilt Top Done

I took time to come up with a setting for the quilt blocks I started in January.  You can see many of the baskets in a January post here.  I knew I wanted to have vertical rows and offset blocks if I could.  Here is what I came up with.

Originally, I made twelve blocks but when working on coming up with a pleasing setting, I decided I needed another row and then made four more basket blocks.  The basket shape is a variation of a Blackbird Designs pattern.  Their design is quite large.  I used a picture from the book that was a diagram for layout that included flowers in the basket.  I left out the flowers and simplified the basket a bit.  I will include close-ups of a few of the basket blocks.

I used a layer cake for the basket parts.  Yardage for the background, sashing, and the borders.  I am happy to have the top together.  It will make a nice sofa size quilt.  I don't have time to quilt it right now but am thinking about what I might want.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blue Flags

I am sharing a photo of my Blue Flags block for the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Quilt sew-along.  I like the little blue check fabric I used.    I think the next block will have the alternating block fabric for the background.

If you have time, pay a visit to the main blog page for the sew-along.  Quite a variety of fabrics and styles being used by the participants.  Click on here.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sweet and Simple Update

Two more blocks done for "Sweet and Simple".  I think that makes sixteen of the thirty designs.  First is a block titled "To Love and Be Loved".  It has a nice quotation embroidered on it.

Next is a block titled "Springtime".  Those are long rabbit ears.

I found a wood rack at a local thrift store.  I don't know what its original use was meant to be but I am in the process of hanging small quilts on it.  Right now the rack is sitting on a dining room chair.  I am not sure exactly where it will sit but probably in the entryway near a cabinet full of quilts.  I had seen something similar on a blog recently.  I can't remember which blog.  I thought it was a good idea but figured I would never find anything like it.  But, surprise, I did.

Have a good sewing day!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sally Post Quilt Top

I finally have my Sally Post quilt top put together.  I had to lay it outside on the lanai to get a picture.

When I was working on adding the sashing and setting rows together, I discovered that I was missing two of the blocks.  It took me a while to find them and then to find time to finish the construction of the rows.  I set the blocks with three rows facing towards each other much like the original quilt.  The blocks were a free block of the month on Sentimental Quilts but there is a charge for the pattern set now.  You can get a printed pattern or as a download.  Gay Bomers often has a discount available on the digital patterns if you are interested in purchasing it.  You can also read about what information she has on the maker of the original quilt.  The original quilt has a date of 1854.

The red setting fabric is from an old Smithsonian reproduction line.  The local quilt shops did not carry a reproduction pink fabric that would work with it.  I had to order a couple times online to get one that would work.  The perils of purchasing online is that you aren't sure if the color you are seeing is the actual shade.  I can always use the fabric in another project of the one that did not work for this quilt project.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Small Wonders Fabrics

I was given the opportunity to take some new fabric not on the market yet and create whatever came to mind.  The fabric bundle I received is an Americana line by Mary Fons who is working with Springs Creatives Fabrics.  She tells her story much better than I can so there is a short video here that you can watch.  Also a sneak peek at some of the fabrics here.

Here are the fabrics that were in my bundle.

There is an eagle print.  The navy with white eagles.  I quickly decided that I wanted to do applique eagles in a sort of positive/negative style.  I selected an eagle design from Kay MacKenzie's book "Inspired By Tradition".  I added a star to the shield.  There was  enough fabric to make four blocks and a border.  I think I can piece a backing from the left over fabrics.  I have to think about how I want to quilt it.

Thank you, Mary Fons for the opportunity to play with some of your fabric!