Monday, February 29, 2016

Country Album Update

Three new blocks completed for the country album I am working on.

This block design is in a Laurene Sinema quilt book called "Primitive Folk Art Designs".  I think this must be a fire engine for a train but am not sure.

The cherries and lyre block is a Jeana Kimball design from her "Nature's Chorus" book.

The third block is from Laurene's "Primitive Folk Art Designs" book.

And I have all of the blocks up on the design wall in no particular order.  I will soon be having a design floor instead of a wall as I am about out of space.

I am enjoying stitching these blocks very much.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Delicious New Fabric

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have new fabric!  Not all the fabric in the picture below is new but some of it is.  I have pulled pieces from stash to go along with some newly purchased fabric.  I have intentions of using  the selection for the "Caswell" quilt pattern.  I have had the pattern for a while.  I missed out on the first round in Blogland when so many were making their blocks.  Now, there is another go round and I am on the band wagon.......I hope.

The pattern can be viewed and purchased at Sentimental Stitches.  There are other websites that have the pattern available.  This is just one that I know of without searching others out.  I purchased mine at Common Threads but I don't find it available there any longer.  I need some more pinks and reds for variety.  And I am thinking about whether I want to use two background fabrics or one.  I am waiting on one more package of fabric to arrive but there isn't going to be much in it to add to what I have already have out in this mix.

Looking forward to another quilt project.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Monthly Blocks

I am trying to keep up with the blocks a month that I have started.  I completed the third block for the free sew-along being presented by Wendy Whellum of Legend and Lace.  This block is called "Lollipop Flowers".

Next up are the four current blocks for the 1857 Sampler quilt from Sentimental Stitches.

I am using solid fabrics except for the corner diamonds.  Now having seen others doing them in the Civil War style prints, I am wishing I had done that.  But I am not going back and starting over nor doing a second set.  Too many irons in the quilting fire already.

I also have a finished wall hanging.  This is the second one of these I have made.  The first was completed in October of 2014 and given as a gift.  I also made one for myself but did not quilt it until late last year.  Then the binding got put on last week.  This is a section of a pattern that I chose to do as a wall hanging.  The pattern used was "Autumn" and by Heart To Hand.  Wool applique and quilted with perle cotton in a big stitch.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday

I am late to the show today.  Just now getting round to posting some slow stitched blocks.

The Heart Wreath is from a Jeana Kimball design in her "Forget-Me Not" book.  It took some time getting in and about all those stem and leaf parts.  Glad it is done.

The log cabin is from a pattern by Laurene Sinema called "Miniature Folk Art".  There was nothing miniature about this block.  It was the center medallion on the quilt design.  I left off a cat on the roof, another bird, and windows on the door.  Also a folk art looking tree on the left side and a vine of sorts on the right.  The designs used in the pattern blocks are inspired by antique quilt blocks.

Lily of the Valley

Wild Rose

I resurrected a UFO and finished the stitching on  the Lily of the Valley block and then felt inspired to continue on to the Wild Rose.  I still have several blocks to do.  I originally saw the blocks being done by Karen of Moose Bay Muses.  You can see her blocks all set together by going here.  The blocks are from vintage designs called "Memory Bouquet".  The designs can be done in applique or as Karen did and now myself in a combo of embroidery and applique.  I purchased my pattern set though Craftsy and click here to see the pattern.

I am linking to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday which can be found here.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shenandoah Botanical February Update

I have two blocks done for the Shenandoah Botanical quilt and both are tulip blocks.  I did not refer back to the first one when I cut out parts for the second and find that I used the same pink and yellow in both and a duplicate green.    I should have at least selected a different pink and yellow but I am not going to change anything on the blocks.

I have been busy with company but now our guest is gone.  I will be back to doing lots of applique.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Country Album Update

Two more blocks done for the Country Album quilt I am working on.  This makes a total of 8 blocks.

Twirling Sunflowers

Birds With Vase

Both blocks were designed by Jeana Kimball and found in her book "Forget-Me Nots".

We have company so I will have limited stitching time for a couple weeks.  I am working on another block for the quilt and hope to have it done in a few days.