Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Album Quilt Update

Three more Country Album blocks to share with you.  I am so enjoying stitching on these.

The blocks are all pattern designs from Jeana Kimball's book "Forget-Me-Nots".  This time, I think the basket of flowers is my favorite though I thought the colors were all a bit strong while I was working on the block.

I am stitching on the 1856 Album blocks and will soon have pictures to share of those.  I have the Caswell quilt pattern and fabric selected.  I am anxious to start on the blocks but want to get more done on the Country Album quilt first.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Liberty Tree

"Liberty Tree" is the sixth block for the Shenandoah Botanical Quilt sew-along.  An odd looking tree.  I enjoyed sewing the big circles.

Friday, March 11, 2016

One Plus Two

I have block number 15 done for the album quilt.  I am so enjoying selecting fabrics, prepping, and stitching these blocks.  The "Apples and Vase" design is from Laurene Sinema's "Primitive Folk Art Designs" book.  I am at the half way point on making the blocks needed for the quilt.

I switched after the apples block to finishing the two blocks still needed for the Civil War quilt I started quite some time ago.  The pattern I am using is an out of print one by Barbara Brackman called "War & Pieces".  The first block pattern is titled "Christian Tree".

The second block is titled "Tree of Harmony".

I quickly put the blocks up on the design wall so I could take a picture of all the blocks together.  The soldier on the horse is not from the pattern set.  My favorite block is Abe and Mary Lincoln.

I have to check my stash for border fabric or maybe make a trip to the local quilt shop for some.  The pattern set has the option of a pieced border or applique.  I prefer the applique border design.

Have a wonderful day and be sure to take time to relax and work on a quilt.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Album Blocks Update

Two more blocks done for the album quilt. The bird block is from a Laurene Sinema pattern in her book "Primitive Folk Art Designs".  A unique bird.

The Whig Rose block is a design in Jeana Kimball's "Forget-Me-Not" book.

I am out of prepped blocks to stitch for this quilt and have spent time in the sewing room today working on another block pattern.

I found time to stitch two more of the redwork blocks.  I have no room on the design wall to put up all of them that are done but will do that some time soon.

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