Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Second Hand Rose

I have taken a break from the long term block of the month quilt blocks that I am working on to make a Jo Morton design called "Second Hand Rose".  I just added the borders to the quilt top and pinned it up on the design wall for a photo.

I used some Jo Morton fabrics and others from stash.  The paisley border style print is a Minnick and Simpson piece.  The black border pieces with the houses is a Jan Patek fabric.  All came from stash except the paisley.  It was not one that could be mitered to make a pretty design in the corners so I went with a more prim style look.

The pattern is in Jo Morton's "Remembrances" book.

There is a second quilt pattern in  the book that strikes my fancy and that is the pink and brown one in the lower left corner.  It would be a 36 inch square quilt.  I have to think about it a bit before plunging in to another new project.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shenandoah Update Plus More

I am late posting my block for the Shenandoah Botanical quilt even though it has been done for a couple weeks.  This block is titled "King's Crown".  It has been a year since the sew-along started.  I have not counted how many blocks are left to stitch but still several to go.

The next block is pretty far along in the stitching process but I am not happy with it.  Looks much too busy.  I have to re-think the block as to how to correct the problem.

Another "Beyond the Cherry Trees" block is done.  It has a busy look but I can go with the flow on this one.

I recently purchased a regular foot pedal for using with my Singer Featherweight machines (I have three).  I don't care for the pedals that come with the machines.  Just a square button to push on and it hurts my toes after a while.  This is a blurry picture but you can see the standard pedal that comes with the machines.

And here is the new pedal.  Much easier on my foot.

I have step one done of Lori's Madder mystery quilt sew-along.  Madder is a rusty sort of color and popular during the Civil War.

That's all for today.