Friday, January 27, 2017

ABC Sampler Part Two

The second section of the ABC Sampler quilt is complete and added to the first section.  The pattern set I am using is by Cheri Payne.  Myself and Lori from Humble Quilts are doing this as a sew-along.  A great way to keep on track with actually completing a quilt project.

The girls design was meant to be a template block or maybe paper piecing.  Instead, I chose to do applique.  A fun block to stitch.

And here is a picture of the first two sections sewn together.  Again, the little basket block on the bottom was mean to be pieced template form but I did it with applique.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shenandoah Botanical Catch Up and A Cheri Basket

I am still behind on the Shenandoah Botanical blocks but am working towards a catch-up.  I am not fond of the Peony block.  I used two pinks for the flowers.  First time doing the block, one of the pinks was a pink and off white check.  Close to finishing the stitching, I decided it made a busy block look way too busy.  I hesitated replacing the pink check flowers as I had already spent a lot of time on the block.  I looked at it for many days and finally decided the pink check had to come off.  I took a picture of the block but discovered it was a blurry picture and not true colors.  So I cannot show you the original version.  Here is the second go round stitching the block and with a few less flowers than the original version.

Maybe if the green stems were not a roses on green print fabric, the block would not have looked as busy with the pink check.

Next, I made the basket block from the free design Cheri Payne shared with her Facebook group.  Her design had the basket shape and a variety of parts that you could arrange in any fashion you wanted to.  So many great blocks have been made by some very creative people.  If you are not a member of the group and like a prim style, be sure to join here.

I used all cottons on my block.  Many of the participants have used wool or a combination of the two.  There will be more blocks added to the sew-along.

Tomorrow is an update on the ABC Sampler sew-along I am doing with Lori of Humble Quilts.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gifts and Quilt Project Updates

I was blessed with some wonderful handmade gifts that I would like to share with you.  First is a house quilt.  Some of the fabrics looked so familiar to me and it turns out that I actually made the Sister's Choice blocks and gave them away.   Some have come back to me with the addition of houses.  Such a good use of the blocks.  And definitely my kind of fabrics.

Love this scrappy nine patch with all those little squares.  And so well done.

A delightful angel wall hanging from another long distance friend.  I like the prim style of this one.

A vintage sewing machine to add to my small collection.  This is a Singer 301A.  Advertised as the big sister to the Singer Featherweight machine.  I have been watching the bids on E-Bay for the black version for quite a while.  This is a gift from my husband.  The 301 is a full size machine and certainly not a lightweight.  The case it came in had the owner's first name written on top.  "Diane".  I don't know who Diane is but I have her machine now.  I don't name my machines but if I did, it would have to be Diane.

Next I want to share a small project  I am working on.  The first of twelve stitchery blocks from patterns by Kathy Schmitz.  One for each month of the year.  I just finished adding the blocks to the embroidery block and need to quilt it.  I purchased a table stand to hang the small quilts from.  I don't know how good I will be at doing one a month but I have all the tracing done.  Just need to find time to do the stitching.  I am working on February's block this evening.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

ABC Sampler Part One

The new year brings the desire to do new quilt projects.  Lori from Humble Quilts and myself are doing a sew-along together.  Always fun to work on a quilt project with a friend doing the same one even though we live on opposite sides of the country.  Lori and I have similar tastes in quilt making so there are many quilt designs we could select from.  This time we have chosen the ABC Sampler by Cheri.  The first block is done.  The first three letters of the alphabet.  I am using cotton (and maybe a bit of wool now and then) and doing needleturn applique.

I first saw the quilt blocks being made on "Quilting With Ragdolls" blog (the blog is still available to view but Judy no longer makes quilts.  I will link you to her Flicker account as it is easier to find the pictures there.  You have to scroll down a ways to see the beginning of the ABC blocks.  Click here.  Judy made some great Cheri and Jan Patek quilts and was someone I connected with early in my quilt blogging.

If you would like to see a good picture of the whole quilt design, I found a good one through Pinterest here.  I do not know who made this version of the pattern.

More to share with you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shenandoah Botanical Quilt Block Update and More

I am late posting my block for the Shenandoah Botanical Quilt.  I have had it done but not finding time to do a post.  I have the next block prepped for applique stitching but have not started on it.  I love red with white polka dot fabric!

I completed the wool applique on a Thanksgiving project.    The top still needs quilting.  I used a Buttermilk Basin pattern but the design was reduced in size.  I enjoyed stitching the blocks as using wool for applique is so much quicker than doing needle turn stitching.  I had hoped to complete the wall hanging before Thanksgiving 2016 but now have to aim for 2017.

I will be back tomorrow with another post.  Stay tuned.