Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shenandoah Botanical Quilt Update

I completed the second wreath.  The first had red flowers.  The second is slightly different but still looks very much like the first.  This wreath has pink flowers.  I am still a block behind but working on catching up.

I will add a picture of the red flower wreath so you can compare.  The pink wreath has less flowers than the red.  And the buds are a bit different.

Thank you for the visit.  I enjoy the comments that are left.

Monday, February 27, 2017

ABC Sampler Update

Time for an ABC Sampler update.  This time Lori (Humble Quilts) and I worked on the K, L, Q, And R sections.  Out of alphabetical order but if you see the quilt layout, you would see that the quilt is put together in sections.  And the blocks do not form even rows across the quilt.  We will be working on the right section next and will fill in the missing alphabetical order blocks.  After reading my blog post, be sure to visit Lori's blog to see her blocks.

First is the kite and log cabin section. The log cabin is represented by a log cabin block.   I added the pine tree because there was empty space.

I did the quail and rooster blocks next.  I like both very much.  

And a picture of the two sections put together as they fall in place in the quilt.

I am enjoying selecting the fabrics which are all coming out of my fabric stash. Many right out of my scrap basket.   A couple small pieces are from Cheri Payne's scrap pieces which I won a couple years ago.  And enjoying the stitching even though the directions in the pattern are very sparse.

I have been asked how to purchase the pattern and will repeat the info here.  It is not on Cheri's website but she can print out a copy of the pattern on request.  She charges $75.00.  Her website is here.

I have had several comments left in the last couple weeks by people who are "no reply commentors".  I cannot answer your questions or acknowledge your kind comments unless I have a way to contact you.  Bonnie Hunter has a good post on how to find out if you are in the "no reply" category and how to fix it.  Look Here.  I try to reply to everyone who leaves a comment so if you have not heard from me, it is quite possible that I have no way of reaching you.

You will find me in the chair with a good light and my applique in my hand.  Thank you for the visit.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Basket Number Two - Cheri Block of the Month

Cheri Payne provided us with another prim basket and a variety of parts patterns.  We can choose to use them however it suits our fancy.  It is very interesting to see what others have done with the same pattern parts.  Such a variety.  Here is my basket # 2.

And a picture of both my baskets.  I don't know what the setting will be yet.  Or how many baskets.

For those not familiar with the prim style, just about anything goes.  Things often look a bit wonky.  Just to give you an idea of other prim designs, pay Cheri a visit at her website.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beyond the Cherry Tree Update

It has been a while since I completed a quilt block from the "Beyond the Cherry Tree" pattern set.  This month I have done two blocks and it feels good getting back into the groove.

The grapes took a chunk of time prepping so many circles of different sizes.  I assigned an alpha letter to each of the circle sizes needed and marked the paper pattern with the appropriate letters.  I cut the circles out of note card stock and marked each one with the alpha letter before gathering fabric round each one.  I stored them in separate envelopes by size.  I also marked each circle on my background fabric with an alpha letter.  I used one of the blue wash out pens but since I had prepped the background a couple months ago, the blue marks had faded somewhat.  I had to use the paper pattern as guidance when I could not read what was marked on the background.  I breathed a sigh of relief when the last grape was stitched and the embroidery done.

This block was oh so easy to do!

The patterns were free at one time as a block of the month but can still be purchased from Sentimental Stitches.  Watch for one of her discount sales.

Thanks for pausing for a look today.

Monday, February 13, 2017

ABC Sampler Part Three

The latest section of the ABC Sampler (pattern by Cheri Payne).  I added the gingerbread men to the section and changed the "J" block to a Nativity as I didn't really understand the block design in the pattern.  Both are from other Cheri patterns.  So there is Grandma's House, gingerbread men, and flying geese shapes for "G".  An ice-cream cone for "I".  Baby Jesus for "J".  Lori said she was thinking of using a Nativity also.

Here is a picture of the whole top row.  I didn't get a very straight picture.

I am enjoying selecting the fabrics from stash and stitching the blocks.

Be sure to visit Lori's blog to see her latest section of the sampler.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Late To the Party - Shenandoah Botanical Block Update

Yes, I am late with my block.  And still have the pink wreath to make to complete last month's assignment but I will get there.

The block looked a bit dull until I added the yellow flower centers.  I am happy to hve this block finished!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Fall Festival Part One

I am participating with several ladies in the making of Jan Patek's "Fall Festival" quilt.  Today is the day to share the first month's assignment of blocks.

Easy stitching because the shapes are larger in size so I enjoyed the process.  All the fabrics used are from stash.

Visit Lori's blog to see links to more pictures of the blocks made.