Friday, June 30, 2017

"Flowers" Block Two

Block two for my sew-along with Cathy from "Big Lake Quilter".  We are using Linda Brannock's "Flowers" pattern.  Linda titled this design "Volunteer Bloom and Berries".  Not like any flower I have seen but then that is prim style.  I did a search to see if there is such a flower by that name and came up with nothing.  The block was easy to stitch because the pieces are large.

On to block three and it is recognizeable as a real flower.  We plan to shown that block on the 15th of July.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stonefields and Noah and Matilda Blocks

The next batch of Stonefields blocks.  I like the cross blocks.  Fun to select the fabric for them.

I did not enjoy making this block and the red flag fabric ran when I rinsed the block.  I think the red will come out but I am not going to worry about it right now.  There were to be two of this design but I went back to the star in a star design and made a second one of those.

The block on the left is the star block I made previously.  The one of the right side is the new one.

Nothnig exciting about the four patches on point.

The flower block is an odd design.  I thought about making a change or two to the design.  Then I thought it has an art deco look and went ahead with it as drawn.

Dawn from "Collector With a Needle" has started a "Noah and Matilda" Facebook page for those that have either made a quilt from the pattern set, working on it, and wanting to begin.  The pattern info is here.  I made several blocks quite a few months ago and then got hung up when I got to the block shown below.  I did fusible applique/stitched by machine and all those little grapes are so time consuming.  If I were to start over, I would have used wool circles stitched by hand or embroidered grapes.  Instead, I bit the bullet and slowly stitched around the grapes by machine over the last two days.

I have all the blocks temporarily on the design wall.  Not in any particular order.  You will note that the block above is not the only grape style block.  The original quilt maker must have loved doing the circles more than I did.

I have used a lot of Kansas Trouble fabrics with others mixed in from stash.  I wish I had used more variety of greens in the cactus block but I am not going to re-do it.  I have all the rest of the blocks fused and ready for machine work.

Stitching away!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Stonefields Part Two

I am sharing more Stonefields blocks today.  The pattern directions tell you how many to make of each design.  I don't know why some are one, some are two, and some three. They will not be side by side in the quilt.   I am placing blocks together that are from the same design for the pictures.  The blocks are not trimmed to the final size so you can see a bit of the background showing on the edge of the first two blocks.

Cutting out the applique parts is taking longer than normal as I am looking for ways to fussy cut some of the designs.  I am enjoying the quilt project.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Linda Brannock's Flowers

I am participating in a new sew-along with Cathy from Big Lake Quilter blog.  We are making two blocks a month using Linda Brannock's "Flowers" pattern.  The first block name is titled "Blue Plaid Tulips".  Here is my block. It was an easy one to stitch as the pieces are large.

Linda Brannock passed away a while back.  A few of the individual patterns are available on E-Bay but I do not know of anywhere to purchase the complete pattern set.  Just keep checking if you are interested in finding one.


Friday, June 9, 2017

ABC Sampler Finale

The ABC Sampler Quilt top is done.  The latest addition is the top border consisting of two angels, two flowers, some flying geese, and the quilt name.  It was difficult for my husband to hold the quilt for a picture so we just had to do with what we got.

Lori should have her quilt top posted also.  You can see it here.  Cheri Payne is retiring so the pattern will very soon not be available for purchase.  I should give fair warning......this pattern lacks in some of the measurements and though there are pictures of various parts of the quilt, some are rather dark and hard to figure out.  Cheri did the patterns for a set of classes she was teaching so I am sure it was easier to understand if you were a participant.  Lori and I found a picture of a completed quilt on the internet and used it for guidance.  And we found a blog that had good photos of many parts of the quilt that person was making.

I certainly enjoyed doing a sew-along with Lori.  Though the schedule for the various sections was not set in stone, we encouraged each other along the way and completed the top in a reasonable period of time.

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.  I enjoy reading your comments.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fall Festival Finale

I am late to the party for the Fall Festival Finale.  I have been working on a Jan Patek pattern called " Fall Festival" along with Lori and some other quilters.  We were doing a few blocks a month.  The final posting was on June 2nd.  Time crept up on me and I did not have my blocks sewn together.  I was doing that on June 2nd when I discovered that I had made one of the wide blocks too wide.  That meant removing some applique parts, shortening the background in width and then re-stitching the applique.  I was then able to get everything put together.  Then I had to wait for a second pair of hands to be here to help hold the quilt up for a picture.

Not a great picture as it is a large quilt and not easy for two people to hold at an even level.  My favorite block is the pumpkin and vine across the top of the quilt.  The pumpkin and crow block on the bottom is the one I had to adjust the width on.  I was able to use one of my blues from the main body of the quilt for the first narrow border by using scraps and piecing them together.  Just barely enough to do it.

You probably have already seen the other quilts and links on Lori's blog but just in case, go here.

I have been battling a gout attack in my left foot.  Very painful and hard to walk.  A trip to the doctor's office and a prescription have helped and I can walk almost normal now but it was a tough week.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Shenandoah Botanical Quilt Update and More

My latest block for the Shenandoah Botanical quilt.  I think this is number 23.  The flower this time is the Trumpet Honeysuckle.  This block design has a post with what would be part of the vine wrapping around it.  I stitched those stripes of green on before I trimmed the brown to size.  It gave me more to hold onto as I stitched and also made it easier to turn under as I stitched the brown fabric down to the background.

I have not stitched a block for the Bountiful Life quilt in a few months.  The next one in line is what Karen Mowrey titled "Birds With Snacks".  I have seen many of the bird blocks done in brilliant colors but I have chosen a softer color palette for my quilt.

I have completed my "Fall Festival" quilt top but it is too wide for one person to hold up for a photo.  Tomorrow, I will have an additional pair of arms here to assist and I will do a post showing the quilt.  Lori has already done a post for the end of the sew-along and I am late to the party.