Friday, March 30, 2018

Early American Life Update

The end of the month slipped up on me.  I have had company for a week and no sewing done here.  But fortunately, I already had my block done for the 30th.

Cathy mentioned in her blog post that this block design is very much Pennsylvania Dutch in style and I agree.  It was an easy one to stitch.  Be sure to pay Cathy a visit and see her block.  Hers is brighter in color.

My visitor this past week has been my sister-in-law.  She has a lot more energy than me and lots of know how.  She has been doing many jobs sprucing up the outdoors around my house and pressure washing the driveway, sidewalks, and pool area.  And we have been playing cards and Yahtzee in the evenings.  I will get back to sewing this next week.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Beyond the Cherry Tree Update

"Beyond the Cherry Tree" has been a long term project for me.  As mentioned previously, I was late to the start.  Many other quilters were making a block a month.  By the time I joined in, I was a good bit behind them.  And, of course, other applique projects came into the mix for me.  So the majority of those making the blocks finished and the push to do a block a month ended.  I have picked the project back up a couple times but still more to do.  Now I have decided to push myself.  I have three completed blocks to share with you today and more prepped for applique.

The last block shown with the flower pot was slow going with all those curvy almost points.  But I like the result.

I have four blocks left to stitch and then a lot of work doing the borders.  I have a sense of accomplishment and that feels good.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Block Nine: Early American Life and More

It's the 15th and time to share the next block for "Early American Life".  The pattern identifies this block just as "Flower".  You can see Cathy's version by clicking here.

I made a decision to work only on the blocks for Lori Smith's "Homage to American Quilt Makers" and was able to complete all the blocks left to stitch.

The next block is one I substituted from another folk art style Lori Smith pattern.  I feel it more suited the look I wanted.  And it reminds me of the willow tree that used to be in the front yard when I was a child.  I did not like it when it got cut down.  I liked playing under the tree limbs.

I spent some time earlier in the month laying out the "Stonefields" blocks on my design floor (the design wall isn't large enough).  I am using the living room floor as it does not get much use.  I think I am satisfied with the block positions as they are now.  The blocks need trimmed to size and then sewn together.  If you remember, I substituted block designs from other sources for some in the pattern.

And while in the living room, I took a picture of a quilt hanging on the door of one of the quilt cabinets.  It is a Noah's Ark Quilt from a Red Wagon design. 

My current plan is to set aside the Lori Smith design blocks while I decide about the setting and go back to a UFO that I have neglected for a long time.  The "Beyond the Cherry Tree" quilt blocks.  I have seven left to stitch and then the borders.  I do better if I make a decision to push myself to stick with one project and just get it done.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Homage To American Quilt Makers

More blocks completed from the Lori Smith pattern "Homage To American Quilt Makers: Album Quilt".

I have one more block to prep from the pattern.  A total of five left to do the stitching on and one of those is getting close to done.  Then decision making time about the setting and border.  I am thinking of doing something a little bit different than the pattern shows.

I also stitched a sample basket block and I like the look.  I do not know who the basket pattern designer is.  At some time I had cut out a basket from a pattern but never stitched it.  I made a new pattern from the fabric basket I had cut out and went from there with a piece of Blackbird Designs fabric from stash.

You will find me in my chair today stitching away.