Thursday, May 31, 2018

Baskets of Life

I finished "Baskets of Life" using a pattern by JoAnn Mulally.  I started the blocks in 2010 and the top had been done for a long time.  The pattern is no longer available nor has been for quite some time.  The designer retired.  I will also share some close up pictures from my blog post in 2010 of  the blocks themselves.  The quilting was done by Mary Flynn.  Mary is no longer doing machine quilting.

There are touches of wool in some of the blocks.  I don't know why I put off having it quilted for so long.  Even doing the binding after the quilting was a while in coming.


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Goose and A Medallion Center

A much easier applique bock this time for "Dearest Boy".  A goose.  The block has some touches of embroidery to outline the wink and define the bow.

The pattern designer, Jean Cerbone,  is again able to sell the pattern set for "Dearest Boy".  It is available through Etsy here.  The price is $36.00 which, compared to some album style quilt patterns, is very reasonable.

Visit Cathy and Julie to see their blocks.

I saw a nine patch quilt with a medallion center that struck my fancy.  I decided to give my own version a whirl.  I chose a block from "Quilting the Garden" by Blackbird Designs.  This particular block is called "Spring Awakenings".  The block drawing in the book was to be enlarged 250% and not on point.  I enlarged it 210% and did it on point.  All the nine patches are done and waiting for everything to be sewn together.  Here is my applique block.

I'll be stitching today.  How about you?


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Blackbird Designs Basket Quilt

I have neglected to share a picture of a completed quilt.  I decreased the size of a Blackbird Designs basket pattern and did applique blocks using their fabrics.  I did add in another fabric that was not their line.  And the basket background fabric is from a separate Blackbird Designs line.  The background looks like a botanical dictionary.  I usually try to add in more variety than that but, in this case, it looked best using mostly the one line of fabric.  I used a layer cake for the baskets.  The setting is my own creation.  I did not want to set the baskets in a straight row across the quilt.  I like the offset look in this layout.  Additional information:  The basket design can be found in "Women of Grace & Charm".

A couple of close up shots so you can see the basket shape better and the background fabric.

We are having a lot of rain from the subtropical storm.  We need the rain but not so much at one time.

Have a good Sunday and take time to stitch a little.  I am prepping an applique block for "Celebrating Mary Brown".  A lot of pieces!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dearest Boy

My first block for "Dearest Boy" by Jean Cerbone.

Block one was not an easy block to accomplish.  The design is meant to look like a doily that would have rested on the back of the head rest part of a chair or maybe on the chair arm.  I had trouble fitting all the leaves in.  I know that Julie and Cathy simplified that part in their blocks and I was wishing I had.  The "eyelet" look trim around the outside of the circle was a bit of a challenge too.  I did mine slightly different than shown in the pattern but I think it is much the same look.

Here is the link to Cathy's post.  I am not seeing Julie's post yet but here is a link to her blog.

I showed a picture of the quilt pattern cover in a previous post but will share it again to refresh your memory or maybe you did not see it at all.  The pattern is not currently available but the designer says it may be available again the end of the year.

Have a good day.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Stonefields Top Complete

I took time to trim the Stonefields blocks and sew them together into a top.  If you are familiar with the Stonefields pattern design, you will notice that mine is not completed in the same manner.  If you are not familiar, here is a link to a Pinterest page that shows blocks that quilters have made and also a few tops and completed quilts.  I chose not to make the flying geese border nor the hexagon border.  Instead, I chose a border style stripe print so that my quilt did not look quite as busy.  There is enough busy look without that part.  One of my quilt holders is shorter than the other person.  They did the best they could to display the top for a photo.

In the pattern, some block designs are repeated.  I chose to make repeats of a couple designs other than those that I liked.  And left out a few block designs.  And added a couple of my own choice not included in the pattern.  I enjoyed doing fussy cuts for many of the blocks.  You can do a search on my blog for  "Stonefields" and see close ups of the blocks on some of my blog posts.  Also, I have a category on my Pinterest page that shows many, many blocks and quilt tops I have made and the Stonefields blocks are included.

The border stripe print I used is a French General fabric and it is a one way design.  So I could not get nice mitered corners that made their own design.  I chose just to do the borders in a simple style.

The blocks are six inch finished.  So much fun that I would do this again and enjoy playing with my fabrics.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Final Beyond the Cherry Tree Blocks

Here are pictures of the final two "Beyond the Cherry Tree Blocks".

Next is to prep and then stitch the border appliques.  I am taking a short break from this quilt project.  I am working on a small quilt for a trade.  It is ready for the quilting step.  I am also making backings for quilt tops.  I have a closet full of quilt tops hanging that need to be finished or passed on to someone else.

I will be back on the 15th to show the first block for "Dearest Boy".