Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dearest Boy Update and More Mary Witherwax Blocks

The 30th of September rolled around fast.  I took some time late this last week to make the compass block.  It is done in applique instead of being pieced.

Julie, Cathy, and Carole are also working on the blocks.  Click on their name to pay a visit to their blog.  This block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program.  That is how I got my layout for the pieces rather than sort of guessing with the two pattern pieces given in the pattern booklet.

I managed to get several blocks made for the Mary Witherwax quilt.  If you remember from my last post, I am using background blocks that I already had cut out so they are a big larger than needed.  I will trim later.  And I have enlarged the patterns for a five inch size instead of the 3 1/2" from the pattern.  If interested in owning your own copy of the pattern or just seeing the whole quilt, here is a link.  It is a digital download pattern.

The block above has an art deco look to me but the antique quilt the designs are taken from is listed as circa 1850.  There are some unusual designs in the pattern set.

I am placing the blocks randomly on the design wall so the picture below does not show the final resting place or even the setting for the blocks.

I am using a lot of French General fabrics for the applique though I have mixed in a few pieces from other designers.  A bit of French General in the background pieces but mostly just what had been in my stash.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jo's Floral Album and Mary Witherwax

I am sharing pictures from two quilt projects I am working on.  First is another block for Jo's Floral Album.  I think I have one more block to stitch after this one but will have to go back and count to be sure.  A nine block design.  This block took a lot of stitching time.

Next are the blocks I have stitched thus far for the Mary Witherwax quilt design.  The pattern set is put out by Dawn Ronnigen and her daughter.  The block designs are from an antique quilt.  You can see the quilt design at this site.  The pattern set is a digital download and sells for $45.  Many, many unusual block designs.  If you are interested in purchasing the set, look at the right side of the page and click on the Witherwax quilt picture.  The blocks are 3 1/2" in size but I have enlarged them so mine will be about 5 inches square in size.  I am using some background squares that I already had cut out and they are larger than what I need.  So, I will trim to size later on.

The background may be too busy on this block.  I will make a decision on it later on.

I am pulling my colors from a French General border style print which I forgot to take a picture of.  I will share that in another post.  Most of the applique parts are coming from a variety of French General fabrics.  Some I already had in stash, some new, and a few gifted to me recently.  I have more blocks ready for working on this evening.  I am up to the fourth season of "Mr. Selfridge"(a MasterpieceTheater series) and will watch more episodes while I stitch.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Dearest Boy Update and Lots More

The 15th rolled around quickly and it is time for a "Dearest Boy" block update.   This time it is the Nut Baskets.  Not a particularly easy block to stitch with the twisted handles.  The block took longer to stitch than I had thought it would.  The hexagon pieces are the 3/8th inch size.  I need more practice with hexagons so I can pick up speed in the construction process.

I finished two more blocks for the "Jo's Floral Album" that I am working on.  I think I have six of the nine blocks done.

I started a new quilt project.  One I have wanted to work on for a while now.  It is Dawn Heese's "Juliet" quilt design.  It is found in her book "Inspired" but also in a past issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects".  I found a very similar block design in a book on antique quilts so I assume her inspiration for the block came from that.  Whoops.  I just noticed that I need to add one more leaf.

I recently went to Ohio for my husband's family reunion.  I took along a few quilts and let two of the cousins each choose a quilt to take home with them.  I have shown the finished quilt tops on my blog in the past but not after the quilting and binding was done.

The two quilts above are the ones the cousins chose.    They were pleased with the gifted quilts.  The two below came back home with me.  (I was asked about the pattern for the basket quilt with vines.  Here is a link.

The last quilt picture turned out a bit dark on the top but it will have to do.

I made a hard decision to put a twin bed in my sewing room.  I have a king size bed in the guest room but now and then an extra guest has to sleep on the sofa.  The sewing room and the closet in the room was packed full with fabric, quilt tops, UFO's, sewing machines, sewing supplies, etc. so it was quite a challenge.  It required taking many items out of the sewing room into the family room and hall.  Then going through to cull out items not really needed or projects that were never going to be completed.  I used some of the fabric to make quilt backs and have nine quilt tops out for machine quilting.  I re-organized the closet, found hiding places elsewhere in the house for some containers, and some items went to the church thrift store.  I shopped for a twin mattress set and bed frame.  I did not get a headboard as the bed would have stuck out beyond the beginning of the closet door with the addition.  I have not hung anything on the walls yet where the bed is.  I need to make a decision what to decorate with.  More than likely a couple smaller wall quilts.  And I need a bed skirt.  I used the recently completed "Stonefields" quilt on the bed.  I purchased a step stool as anyone on the short side (like me) would have difficulty getting onto the mattress.


My first stop looking for a mattress set was at a local store that sells only mattresses and bed frames.  I told the salesman what kind of mattress set I had in mind.  He showed me a a couple stacks of twin size mattresses in plastic bags.  When I asked if there was a bed set up with the mattresses so I could try them out.  He said he could toss a mattress on the floor for me to try out.  I told him that it would be impossible for me to get down on the floor and back up (I have two knee replacements and have had two back surgeries.  It is difficult for me to get back up from laying on the floor and not very graceful.  I turned and walked out the door.  I went to a furniture store a few days later where the mattresses were on beds and I could easily try them out.  I doubt the bed will get much use and will probably have quilts in progress stacked on it.  But it will come in handy now and then for a house guest.  I have company coming next week, so the new bed will get its first use.

Cathy and Julie and Carole should also have their basket blocks posted today.  I have not checked with Doreen.  Click on their names to ride the magic carpet to their blog.

Have a good day.