Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dearest Boy for June 15th

The middle of June has rolled around fairly quickly and time for another "Dearest Boy" block.  I actually made the block about two weeks ago so I would be free for other fun quilt projects.

I made some more rows of flower blocks for Cheri's "Prairie Flowers" quilt.  I have added blocks to the width and will add rows to the length so it will make a sofa size cover up.  Love those plaids!

I have more stitching done on two other projects but will share those in another post in a few days.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Design Wall and A New Finish

I have several things pinned to the design wall and will share them with you today.

First is the second house block for Jan Patek's pattern called "Seasonings".

I also took a picture of the two house blocks together on the design wall.  They will go side by side in the quilt and not oriented the way I have them on the wall right now.

Next is the first block for a quilt called "Farm Quilt".  The pattern is in "Camp Quilts" which is by Jan Patek and the Country Threads ladies.  I am low on summer looking quilts right now and want to have more variety to display.

Next up is the first row for Cheri's "Prairie Flowers" which the design is found in My Flower Bed".  And older Cheri book that was published by Indygo Junction.  Definitely Cheri's signature style flowers.  I had cut out the backgrounds quite some time ago but had not prepped any of the flowers.  I find choosing the fabrics the most interesting part of making a quilt.  I am making the quilt larger than the pattern by adding blocks.

I have a finish.  My daughter does not sew.  Does not have one iota of interest in doing it.  But she took a friend to the local quilt shop as her friend does all types of sewing.  My daughter came back with a quilt kit and asked me to make it for her.  Not my usual style of quilt but easy sewing.

And a picture of the backing which is from the same line of fabric as the front.

I am spending two days a week with my somewhat newly retired quilting friend.  We spend one day at her house working on the Jan Patek "Seasonings" quilt.  The other day is spent at my house working on Lori Holt's "ABC Quilt".  I haven't had room on the design wall to display any of the ABC blocks but will share some with you soon.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Dearest Boy

Time for another "Dearest Boy" block.  This block was not the easiest to create.  The instructions were not the clearest to understand but I muddled through by drawing the layout on paper and then transfering it to the background for piece placement.

I chose to leave an embroidered flower out of the center of the woven strips.  It did not seem to add to the design and rather crowded the center part to put anything there.  I am glad to have the block done and that there is not a second one like it in the design.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Spencer Museum Block

The fourth Spencer Museum block design from Jan Patek's pattern.  Lori will be sharing hers also.  You can see her blog post here.

I also took time to add a border to a Liberty block that has been in my unfinished bin for a good while.  Needs quilted yet.  If I remember correctly, it is a Cheri Payne design.  This is a combination of wool and cotton applique.  I need some more small pieces for summer display and have found more that need completion.  Just need time to do it.

A good quilting friend of mine and myself are working on a quilt from a Jan Patek pattern called "Seasonings".  The house block is the first one.  It is very enjoyable doing a project along with a friend

Thanks for stopping by to see what I am working on.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019


The last of my "Bloom" blocks which are from a pattern by Lori Holt.  Again, different than my usual style of quilt that I work on.  The blocks were fun to make.  Fairly easy stitching and fun fabrics.

The next step is to cut the rectangles for block sashings.  Maybe later this week.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 15th Dearest Boy Update

The latest block done for my "Dearest Boy" quilt.  Yummy strawberries!

The little white flowers were created with circles that were gathered in the seam allowance by a running stitch.  Then the hand sewing needle was run up through the center of the circle and pulled over the edge, tightened to create dips (petals).  Each was to have five sections done this way but a couple flowers ended up with just four.

I am working on Lori Holt's "Bloom" pattern set.  The pattern is free but the template set is not.  I am not using Lori's applique method but instead doing needle turn applique as I normally do.  These are the flowers I have done thus far.  All the rest of the applique is prepped.  Fun stitching.

Thanks for stopping by to see what I am working on.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dearest Boy Update for April 30th

A tumbling blocks variation block for this :Dearest Boy" update.  Though not a hard block it took some thinking about how to accomplish getting the blocks placed correctly so that the star design was formed in the middle.  It would have been much easier if the pattern designer had included a layout sheet for us stitchers to go by.  Or some kind of instructions as to how to get the layout spaced correctly.  I devised my own way of doing it.  The next block is applique strawberries. 

I have a friend coming today for play time in the sewing room.  I am looking forward to having a good time with her.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Spencer Museum Quilt Update

The third block design is done.  I feel like I worked on it for a long time.  The problem was that my first fabric choice for the leaves was too pale for the darker background.  I stitched quite a few of the leaves before deciding it was not making me happy.  I removed them and then cut out more leaves of a darker fabric.  I like this version much better.  I have another block just like this one to make as I am making a nine block quilt.

I haven't stitched my next "Dearest Boy" block and it is due on the 30th.  I have to hop to it!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hospital Sketches and Autumn Love

A Happy Easter to all.  May the Easter Bunny bring you all the chocolate you have dreamed of.  Myself, I only like milk chocolate and do not each much of it.

I decided to start stitching the "Hospital Sketches" blocks that Barbara Brackman has been presenting on her blog.  I finished the first three and enjoyed it as the blocks are large and the pieces have been easy to stitch.

I have three more blocks done for the "Autumn Love" quilt which is a pattern by Lori Holt.  I mentioned previously that I purchased a kit as I did not have this type fabric in stash. 

I love the scarecrow.  He will get some buttons added to the overall straps after the quilting is done.

Now I am working on blocks for the Jeana Kimball class I am taking.  It is through the mail and I was behind three blocks.  I hope to get caught up in the next couple days.  The next lesson and block patterns are already on the way.  


Monday, April 15, 2019

April 15th "Dearest Boy" Update

A quick update today on "Dearest Boy" progress.  I made a double tree block which is a substitute block for the double tree block pattern that the designer used.  I should have pinned the bottom corners of the block for the picture or maybe it is the angle of the camera shot.  The bottom edge looks more narrow than the top edge in the picture.  I don't claim to be a good photographer.

I will add a picture of the pattern cover so you can see what the tree block pattern was.  I began piecing the diamond shapes but the size seemed to be off as I progressed. 

I think we have nine blocks left to create plus the borders.

I have more to share but will do a separate post in a few days.


Monday, April 1, 2019

Spencer Museum Quilt Update

The 2nd block for the Spencer Museum quilt (a Jan Patek pattern).  I actually made two of these but am only showing one of the blocks.  The second has the same fabrics used for the applique.  Only the background is different.  A large block so the applique was not at all hard.

Be sure to check Lori's blog post (Humble Quilts) for her block and links to others who are making the quilt.


Saturday, March 30, 2019

Dearest Boy Update For March 30th

The sunflower block was one I enjoyed making.  I chose not to make individual petals and instead made the sunflower points all in one piece.  Then I added the black and white dot center over that.  Much easier to do that way.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.


Monday, March 25, 2019

Noah and Matilda - My Version

A completed quilt top.  "Noah and Matilda" is approx. 79" square.  I stitched 36 of the 42 patterns and came up with my own setting.  The background fabric has arrived and all will be heading to the local quilt shop for machine quilting.  I don't have anyone to hold it up for a photo so a floor view is best that I can do.

Most of my fabrics are from a variety of Kansas Troubles lines.  My stash of that brand of is pretty much depleted now.

You can see Dawn Ronnigen's pattern here and compare the difference in color and setting.

I have been filling in between other applique with some basket blocks.  I think this is a Blackbird Designs basket shape.  The picture is of some of the blocks.  I have not decided on a setting for them and am not in a hurry to complete the project.  I may not use the red and cream stripe basket block.  The cream stripe part blends into the background too much.

I also completed some flower blocks for the "County Fair" quilt.

Lovely spring weather here!


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bunny Bouquet

A new wool wall hanging has been added to my spring style quilts.  "Bunny Bouquet" made from a free pattern by Kathi Campbell.  I did the wool applique on a cotton background.  The wall hanging is hand quilted.  Something I haven't done much of in quite some time.

The free pattern is still available on Kathi's website listed under "Garden Mystery" on the left side of the page.  Link below.  Just in case you want to make one.

Have a great day!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dearest Boy Update and Sweet Emma

The 15th of March slipped up on me.  I was thinking it was on Sunday and not today.  But I do have my "Dearest Boy" block done.  This one has a very fall look and was not a quick one to stitch.  I do like the colors in this one.

I signed up for a through the mail class with Jeana Kimball.  I am participating in the "Sweet Emma" (named after her grand-daughter) class.  I have the larger center block stitched.  I am using pastel colors.  Something you don't see a lot of from me.  I have family members that do not care for the darker fabrics that I use a lot of.  The pastel fabrics will make one of those people happy.

Jeana Kimball uses the back basting technique for her applique stitching.  I am not.  I am comfortable doing needle turn using freezer paper templates and a temporarily marked background for layout of my pieces.

I will have more to share with you but will do it in another post in a couple days.  And I need to change my header picture.  I think many of you are tired of cold weather and snowmen.


Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dearest Boy, Noah and Matilda And More

A short month so the last day rolled around a bit quicker.  I put off until Wednesday morning preparing the "Dearest Boy" block for stitching.  A variation of a Crossed Canoes block.

I completed my second quilt top from the "Noah and Matilda" pattern set by Dawn Ronningen and her daughter.  I have linked you to a picture of the pattern cover so you can compare what the antique quilt design looks like.  This time, I did nine blocks using mostly Di Ford fabrics.  I doubled the size of the block patterns from eight inches to sixteen inches.  The top measures about 64 inches square.  I chose four blocks with flowers in a pot straight up and down.  Then four that are flowers diagonal set for the corners.  The center block, I chose a design with a wreath style center where I could add a fussy cut fabric. 

I have partially sewn my first set of blocks together (I made 36 using mostly Kansas Troubles fabrics) and will be able to share that top soon.  It is very different in style from this one.  My hip had been bothering me making it difficult to get up and down to pick up blocks in order for the assembly of the top.

I also have some more blocks done for the "County Fair" quilt.  I am in no rush to complete all the blocks. 

One more block done for the "Autumn Love" quilt which is a Lori Holt design.  Fun blocks.

So much to work on that it is hard to decide what to do first.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Spencer Museum Quilt Block One

I have made the first block using Jan Patek's "Spencer Museum Quilt" pattern.  I am using fabrics from stash.  Some will be Jan Patek fabrics but also whatever I find that works.  I like mixing lines together.  The eagle fabric is a piece from Jan's "Liberty Garden" line.  One of my favorites that she has done.  These are large blocks.  Twenty inches square.

Lori from "Humble Quilts" is also making a version from the pattern.  I am anxious to see what her block looks like.

News flash:  two more have joined in on the sew-along.  Rebecca is at and Dorothy has shared a picture in the Humble Quilts Facebook group of her prepped block.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Mid-February Dearest Boy Update and More

February 15th and time for a "Dearest Boy" update.  A bird block this time.  And I see that I still need to do the eye.  I changed the bird design slightly for ease applique.

I finished an "Oak Leaf and Reel" quilt that has been waiting for quilting for a long time.  I used a Fons and Porter design that was in one of their books several years ago.  The design is fused and hand button hole stitched.

I started a new quilt project from a Lori Holt design called "Autumn Love"  I purchased a kit to do it as I did not have the brighter and happier prints that Lori uses.  Two applique blocks done.

And two heart block for the "County Fair" quilt.

Quilt making has been especially enjoyable of late and I am anxious to finish old projects and start new ones.  I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Quiltmania Picture

My "Shenandoah Botanical" quilt was recently hanging at the Houston quilt show.  It was part of a display of several quilts made from the same pattern though each was different in fabric selection and settings.  I had no idea that my quilt and Wendy's (The Constant Quilter) would be in the current issue of "Quiltmania" magazine. The photography for the magazine is always very good.  Here is the page.

And close up view of our quilts isolated from that magazine page.. 


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Dearest Boy and Noah and Matilda

The 30th has rolled around and time for another "Dearest Boy" block due to be shown.  I made a change to the design and added the birds instead of using tiny hexagon shapes for a flower.  The blocks will finish to 10 inches.

I decided to use nine of the "Noah and Matilda" blocks from a pattern set by Dawn Ronningen for a quilt.  The patterns finish to 8 inches.  I chose to enlarge 200% to make 16 inch blocks.  This is probably not the finished layout for the blocks.  I think I will move two of them.  I have a border stripe print to use for the border.

You can order the "Noah and Matilda" pattern set here.  It is a PDF file so you can get started on the blocks not long after making the purchase.  I have made 36 blocks in the 8 inch size from very different style of fabric than these larger blocks.  I hope to make a final decision on the setting for them and make progress on that version of the quilt too.