Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dearest Boy Update for April 30th

A tumbling blocks variation block for this :Dearest Boy" update.  Though not a hard block it took some thinking about how to accomplish getting the blocks placed correctly so that the star design was formed in the middle.  It would have been much easier if the pattern designer had included a layout sheet for us stitchers to go by.  Or some kind of instructions as to how to get the layout spaced correctly.  I devised my own way of doing it.  The next block is applique strawberries. 

I have a friend coming today for play time in the sewing room.  I am looking forward to having a good time with her.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Spencer Museum Quilt Update

The third block design is done.  I feel like I worked on it for a long time.  The problem was that my first fabric choice for the leaves was too pale for the darker background.  I stitched quite a few of the leaves before deciding it was not making me happy.  I removed them and then cut out more leaves of a darker fabric.  I like this version much better.  I have another block just like this one to make as I am making a nine block quilt.

I haven't stitched my next "Dearest Boy" block and it is due on the 30th.  I have to hop to it!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hospital Sketches and Autumn Love

A Happy Easter to all.  May the Easter Bunny bring you all the chocolate you have dreamed of.  Myself, I only like milk chocolate and do not each much of it.

I decided to start stitching the "Hospital Sketches" blocks that Barbara Brackman has been presenting on her blog.  I finished the first three and enjoyed it as the blocks are large and the pieces have been easy to stitch.

I have three more blocks done for the "Autumn Love" quilt which is a pattern by Lori Holt.  I mentioned previously that I purchased a kit as I did not have this type fabric in stash. 

I love the scarecrow.  He will get some buttons added to the overall straps after the quilting is done.

Now I am working on blocks for the Jeana Kimball class I am taking.  It is through the mail and I was behind three blocks.  I hope to get caught up in the next couple days.  The next lesson and block patterns are already on the way.  


Monday, April 15, 2019

April 15th "Dearest Boy" Update

A quick update today on "Dearest Boy" progress.  I made a double tree block which is a substitute block for the double tree block pattern that the designer used.  I should have pinned the bottom corners of the block for the picture or maybe it is the angle of the camera shot.  The bottom edge looks more narrow than the top edge in the picture.  I don't claim to be a good photographer.

I will add a picture of the pattern cover so you can see what the tree block pattern was.  I began piecing the diamond shapes but the size seemed to be off as I progressed. 

I think we have nine blocks left to create plus the borders.

I have more to share but will do a separate post in a few days.


Monday, April 1, 2019

Spencer Museum Quilt Update

The 2nd block for the Spencer Museum quilt (a Jan Patek pattern).  I actually made two of these but am only showing one of the blocks.  The second has the same fabrics used for the applique.  Only the background is different.  A large block so the applique was not at all hard.

Be sure to check Lori's blog post (Humble Quilts) for her block and links to others who are making the quilt.