Sunday, June 30, 2019

Dearest Boy Update Plus More

We are making progress on the "Dearest Boy" blocks.  Two more small ones and then the large one with the cow.  Today's block is a bird's nest in a basket.  Needle turn applique except for the berries which I used wool for.  I left off the embroidery the designer used for her block as I thought the block was a busy look.

I completed the second block for the farm quilt.  Here is a link to a picture of the first block.

The third basket block is completed for "Seasonings" which is a design by Jan Patek.  The next row has pumpkin blocks.

Tonight I am stitching on a large block from another Jan Patek design.  I will share a picture when it is complete.


Monday, June 24, 2019

Prairie Flowers and Seasonings Update

A completed a quilt top.  I used Cheri's "Prairie Flowers" pattern from the book "My Flower Bed" but added blocks to both the width and length of the quilt.  I did that so that I would end up with a sofa size rather than a wall hanging.  Next is to prepare a backing for it.  My supply of plaids is dwindling but I ordered a few pieces to add to them.  Plaids are not popular like they were several years ago.

I have added blocks to the "Seasonings" quilt I have been working on with a quilting friend.  We meet once a week to stitch or select fabrics.  Then during the week, one of the blocks is completed.  The pattern we are using is by Jan Patek.

I completed a small wall hanging from a Cheri design.  I can't find a pattern name.  It was just a single sheet of paper so minimal instructions.  Very much Cheri style in both design and the way she presented her patterns.

Enjoy your day and take time to relax and stitch on a project.  I know I will be.


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dearest Boy for June 15th

The middle of June has rolled around fairly quickly and time for another "Dearest Boy" block.  I actually made the block about two weeks ago so I would be free for other fun quilt projects.

I made some more rows of flower blocks for Cheri's "Prairie Flowers" quilt.  I have added blocks to the width and will add rows to the length so it will make a sofa size cover up.  Love those plaids!

I have more stitching done on two other projects but will share those in another post in a few days.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Design Wall and A New Finish

I have several things pinned to the design wall and will share them with you today.

First is the second house block for Jan Patek's pattern called "Seasonings".

I also took a picture of the two house blocks together on the design wall.  They will go side by side in the quilt and not oriented the way I have them on the wall right now.

Next is the first block for a quilt called "Farm Quilt".  The pattern is in "Camp Quilts" which is by Jan Patek and the Country Threads ladies.  I am low on summer looking quilts right now and want to have more variety to display.

Next up is the first row for Cheri's "Prairie Flowers" which the design is found in My Flower Bed".  And older Cheri book that was published by Indygo Junction.  Definitely Cheri's signature style flowers.  I had cut out the backgrounds quite some time ago but had not prepped any of the flowers.  I find choosing the fabrics the most interesting part of making a quilt.  I am making the quilt larger than the pattern by adding blocks.

I have a finish.  My daughter does not sew.  Does not have one iota of interest in doing it.  But she took a friend to the local quilt shop as her friend does all types of sewing.  My daughter came back with a quilt kit and asked me to make it for her.  Not my usual style of quilt but easy sewing.

And a picture of the backing which is from the same line of fabric as the front.

I am spending two days a week with my somewhat newly retired quilting friend.  We spend one day at her house working on the Jan Patek "Seasonings" quilt.  The other day is spent at my house working on Lori Holt's "ABC Quilt".  I haven't had room on the design wall to display any of the ABC blocks but will share some with you soon.