Thursday, June 6, 2019

Design Wall and A New Finish

I have several things pinned to the design wall and will share them with you today.

First is the second house block for Jan Patek's pattern called "Seasonings".

I also took a picture of the two house blocks together on the design wall.  They will go side by side in the quilt and not oriented the way I have them on the wall right now.

Next is the first block for a quilt called "Farm Quilt".  The pattern is in "Camp Quilts" which is by Jan Patek and the Country Threads ladies.  I am low on summer looking quilts right now and want to have more variety to display.

Next up is the first row for Cheri's "Prairie Flowers" which the design is found in My Flower Bed".  And older Cheri book that was published by Indygo Junction.  Definitely Cheri's signature style flowers.  I had cut out the backgrounds quite some time ago but had not prepped any of the flowers.  I find choosing the fabrics the most interesting part of making a quilt.  I am making the quilt larger than the pattern by adding blocks.

I have a finish.  My daughter does not sew.  Does not have one iota of interest in doing it.  But she took a friend to the local quilt shop as her friend does all types of sewing.  My daughter came back with a quilt kit and asked me to make it for her.  Not my usual style of quilt but easy sewing.

And a picture of the backing which is from the same line of fabric as the front.

I am spending two days a week with my somewhat newly retired quilting friend.  We spend one day at her house working on the Jan Patek "Seasonings" quilt.  The other day is spent at my house working on Lori Holt's "ABC Quilt".  I haven't had room on the design wall to display any of the ABC blocks but will share some with you soon.



Chris said...

Well, that kit quilt is interesting and looks like it was easy to make up. I should check out the Farm Quilt since I live on a farm.

Jeanna said...

Beautiful work, Karen. Look forward to seeing your ABC blocks, too.

Julierose said...

Oh that sounds like fun working with a quilty nice to have a like-minded buddy.
you did a great job on that kit--
And I just really like the JP blocks!! i have a basket kit of hers that I've had for
ages that I'd like to do...hugs, Julierose

Cathy said...

So many beautiful projects. I love the quilt your daughter picked out. Hugs

em's scrapbag said...

Your house blocks are adorable. I love them!
You're a good mom to make the quilt for your daughter. It turned out great!


Yep--daughters with no interest in quilting do know where to turn to when they want one-
though--so that is good!!!! helps to know we are still needed from time to time!!
and that is a lovely quilt--like the colors!!!
All you blocks for quilts in progress are sweet--
will be looking forward to seeing the ABC blocks--
I started working on an old wool/embroidery piece that I started a while ago--
and am making good progress on it--!!!!
have a great day and you and your new quilty friend have fun--
luv, di

Randy D. said...

your daughter sure picked out an adorable quilt! How nice of you to make a quilt for her!!
Love your Jan Patek blocks, too! Can't wait to see the Lori Holt blocks...
Sewing twice a week? AWESOME!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Ha ha, very nice of you to do for your daughter! Glad it was fairly straightforward. Your JP blocks are looking great. I think the look of the appliqued, casual flying geese is so cute.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Well, I think it is very exciting that your daughter even knows what a quilt is! My daughter and my tastes are polar opposites. At least she asked for a quilt when she was expecting and I was overjoyed! I really like the kit your daughter picked out. It looks almost 40's which I love. So happy that you get to spend stitching time with a friend. I can't wait for retirement!!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Very nice block Karen and to have a friend to quilt with is such a blessing! I have a nice stash of the fabric you used in the block..........I really need to get some of my patterns out and make them. They are so neat!

Lori said...

Love those primitive blocks!!
The quilt for your daughter is great!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I have such an itch to start a new Prim applique project after seeing your wonderful blocks. I love them all! I know stitching along with a friend will make your projects even more fun to work on and your daughters quilt looks great!

Sharon said...

Love all your applique. Sometimes that bit of machine easy piecing is just right to free up some creative space. I do like the patriotic theme!

Janet O. said...

Your blocks are charming! Though from different patterns and designers, they appear as though they could all work together in one quilt.
Wow--you actually pieced a quilt, Karen! Looks great, too. :)
That sounds so fun, to stitch with a friend two days a week--and I like that you switch from home to home. I would love to have a stitching friend like that, but right now I don't have the days available to stitch.

moosecraft said...

Your blocks are sewing along nicely! A gal can get so much more accomplished with the buddy system...the sewing days were a super idea! I've gotta say I love the summer happiness of your daughter's friend's quilt! Great for picnics or front porches....ahhhh! :-)

WoolenSails said...

Love all your blocks and the camp quilt, have to se if I have that book.
I do need more patriotic quilts, might be for next year at this rate.


audrey said...

I definitely remember that first pattern! Jan Patek has so many good ones. It's really tough to make a quilt that doesn't speak personally to us. You are to be commended.:)

belarmina said...

Karen me encantan los bloques de casas de Jan Patek
Tu hija será feliz con el edredón que haces para ella
Buena semana

Alicia said...

Esos bloques son preciosos! seguro que te va a quedar una colcha magnifica.

Nines said...

Lovely applique- as usual. You always amaze me at how fast you fly through projects.