Monday, September 30, 2019

Celebrating Mary Brown

I have started the "Celebrating Mary Brown" pattern by Corliss Searcy.  There is a small group of ladies that have joined in for a sew-along.  A no rules kind where you post if you are ready and catch up when you can.  Because the corner of the quilt we have started with has vines that go over three blocks, we agreed to do all three at once instead of one as most times it will be.  Since, I sewed four pieces of background together to make placement easier, I went ahead and stitched the pineapple block.

The other participants are Cathy B. and her blog is "Big Lake Quilter".  Nan from "Chopin - A Passionate Quilter",  Jennie from "Over the Hill and Running" Robin from "I Like To Create" (formerly Soltice Studio), and a friend of Nan's who does not have a blog named Jan.  Nan will be posting pictures for Jan.  Also participating using a different pattern is Julie K of "Julie K Quilts".

I am sewing along with a friend on a Jo Morton pattern.  Here is the center medallion applique block.  I have pieced several of the surrounding blocks but I am not ready to sew rows of them yet.

I am just back from a week's vacation.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  I did a lot of applique stitching while gone including finishing the Mary Brown blocks.


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Dearest Boy.....Top Complete

"Dearest Boy" is ready for a trip to the quilt shop for machine quilting.  I am ready to get back to other projects that are partially completed and a new one in the works.

This has been a challenging album style quilt.  The block patterns were not always the clearest instructions.  The pieced blocks tended to be meant for a hand piecing style instead of machine done.  And many of the blocks had no layout given.  Just a picture.  I am glad to have the top done.  My favorite block is the bird on the basket of eggs.  I also am drawn to the strawberries design and, of course, the cow in the center.

Each participant has done their own thing on a few of the blocks so none of the quilts will be quite the same setting.  And the fabric choices are quite varied.  We did not have a set date to have the tops complete so Julie, Cathy, and Carole will set their own pace and share when they are ready.

Thanks for stopping by.