Thursday, January 30, 2020

"Celebrating Mary Brown" January Finishes

I stitched two Mary Brown blocks in January instead of just one.  I got on a roll and decided the first one went faster than I thought it would and I was in the mood for a second block.

I added a fabric center to the block above although the pattern sample block had a plain background center showing.  I thought it added a bit more interest to the block.

The second block is done all in needleturn applique although the instructions were to piece the checked fabric section and the sharp points.

I have not been adding links to the other participantsin the sew-along as I have noticed that all of us seem to get the same blog visitors.  I am anxious to see what block each has chosen, their fabric choices and method of accomplishing the finished block.

Thank all of you that left such nice comments on my last blog post.  I have replied to least I think I have.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Circuit Rider's Quilt

A finish!  And a long time coming.  "The Circuit Rider's Quilt".  I used a pattern book by Jenifer Dick and the book is still available through Amazon.  I completed the quilt top in October of 2009.  Now it is January of 2020 so it has been close to 11 years in the making.

I intended the quilt to be used as fund raiser but it was not needed.  Thus the reason for staying a quilt top for so long.  Also, I would have done hand applique had I known I would be keeping it for myself.  Instead, I did fused applique.  I have thought many times of doing a second one using needle turn applique.

The cardinal block is not from the pattern.  There was a tree block that I chose not to make.

I don't have two people here to hold the quilt up for a photo so I will show close ups of blocks.  You can also do a search on my blog and see the blocks flat after they were machine stitched.  The quilt has been washed so has a crinkled look.  Some of the round shapes do not look as round with the crinkles but they were nice and round to start.  I debated whether to wash it or leave it flat after finishing.  Washing it was the end decision as I like it to have an older look.  Now I am thinking maybe I shouldn't have.

Thanks for paying my blog a visit.  And I enjoy reading your comments if you have the time to leave one.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year - Update On Buhl Quilt

Happy New Year!  Even though I am writing this at 8:50 pm on New Year's Eve, I am hearing fire crackers go off.  That will go on until after midnight.  I feel sorry for the pets that are afraid of the noise.

The snowman quilt is what is now displayed on the large footstool in the family room. It is not a new quilt.   I made it in 2013 from a Joined At the Hip pattern.

The first of the month and time for a Buhl quilt update.  I am working on the right border.  The block of the month divides the borders into sections.  This month, I will stitch on the remaining border flowers except for the corners.