Monday, March 30, 2020

Pleasant Grove, Mary Brown and More

I have some pictures to share with you of some projects that are in the works.  The first picture is a 30 inch square applique block for the "Austin Bluebird Sampler" which is a pattern set by Minnick and Simpson.

Next is a block for the "Celebrating Mary Brown" quilt that myself and some blog friends are all making.  I enjoy selecting the fabrics for the blocks which is probably my favorite part of quilt making.  I haven't counted how many blocks I have completed for the quilt but I know there are still many to go.  A delightful pattern set to work with.

Next up is a completed quilt top I made using a Jan Patek design called "Pleasant Grove Primer".  I haven't made the backing yet but the quilt shop is closed like so many businesses are.  So, I could not drop it off for machine quilting.  The piecing and applique were easy as there were no small parts to piece or needleturn.

I will be back with another post on April 1st.  I am stitching on applique projects during the stay at home times we are going through round the world.  I have also planned more quilts.  Some I would make from stash and at least one that I purchased fabric for.  I am surprised at how fast my online orders have arrived.

I hope you are all safe and healthy.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Austin Bluebird Sampler Part 7

I set a goal for the weekend to have the large applique block done for part seven.  Success!  Here are pieces and parts as not all can be sewn together until final construction of the right side of the quilt.

I also did an applique block for part eight so that one will be ready soon.  Today I plan on prepping another large applique block.  Lots of leaves and circles so it will take a chunk of time to do that.

Enjoy your sewing day!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Austin Bluebird Sampler

So many times, the box has fallen over over in the sewing room closet and the contents spilled.  I am tired of trying to find a place to store it where it will fit and stay in place.  The solution is to sort through the pile of fabric and pattern parts inside and finally get the "Austin Bluebird Sampler" quilt top done.  Not the easiest to figure out where I left off and what all those pieces and parts are meant for.  I started the quilt in February of 2015 working from a kit by Minnick and Simpson.  I figured out that I had all the parts made for the left side of the quilt.  Some sections were sewn together.  Others not.  Lots of partial seams involved.  Here is a picture of the left side now all put together.

I now have a good start on part seven.  It involves a large applique block and I have it close to ready for stitching.  I made the pieced blocks for that section.  I have figured out that all the loose bits and parts in the box and can move forward instead of not having any progress at all.

I updated my header picture with a more spring look.  The bunny is from a pattern by Kathi Campbell called "Bunny Bouquet".  I made it last year.

Time to head to the sewing room.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Another finish.  And this one became a finished top in 2008.  Two years older than the Christmas Sampler I finished and shared with you in the previous post.  The pattern I used was in "Christmas Or Not" which is an older Red Wagon book.  It is not clear which designer did the pattern.  The book was done by Gerry Kimmel, Jan Patek, and Linda Brannock.

I had a very good supply of homespuns (plaids and stripes) at the time I made this.  Nowadays, it is hard to find them and my stash supply has dwindled down.  Supply and demand is what the manufacturers work on so I can understand that they are not nearly as popular as they once were.

With the Christmas Sampler and now the angel quilt, I have two new pieces for holiday display.

I have one more quilt waiting for binding.  And five tops out for machine quilting at the local quilt shop.  So more finishes coming.

Enjoy your day and come back for a visit soon.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Cheri's Christmas Sampler and Four Seasons Quilt

I finished binding two quilts.  The first is the Christmas Sampler which is a pattern done by Cheri.  I finished the top in 2010 so ten years waiting for machine quilting and binding.  I have to lay bigger quilts on my kitchen floor for a picture so not the best angle.  I enjoyed making the blocks.  Plenty of variety to keep my interest going.

My second finish is "Four Seasons" which is a Jan Patek pattern found in the book "Seasonings".  A quilting friend and myself each made one for ourselves last year.

I have two more quilts that I am working on binding so I will soon have more finishes.


Sunday, March 1, 2020

March Buhl Quilt Update

This month I am sharing the middle portion of the top border of the Buhl Quilt.

I also worked on the center section Rainbow blocks a bit.  They are not as exciting to work on as the border flowers.   The center blocks are repeats over and over.  The borders have a variety of flowers.  I enjoy selecting the fabrics for each one.  I have a crate full to choose from.  I find that the best part of the quilt making progress.