Thursday, April 30, 2020

Celebrating Mary Brown, Libertyville, and Austin Bluebird Updates

First up is the block I chose to stitch this month for the "Celebrating Mary Brown" sew-along.  I mark my background for design placement with a blue washout marker so I soak the block after the stitching is done.  This blue chose to run even though it had been pre-washed.  I have had pretty good luck using Spray and Wash and adding it the the washing machine along with other items to take most of the blue coloring out that was where it shouldn't be.

I have all the blocks done that will be on point around a large center applique block for Libertyville.  I shared blocks earlier in the month.  These are the ones completed since that post.

I also finished sewing the "Austin Bluebird Sampler" quilt top together.  I took a quick photo before dropping it off at the local quilt shop to get in line for machine quilting.  It is large and I had no good way to take a picture except on the kitchen floor.  I don't purchase many quilt kits but this was one that I did.  The fabric cuts in the kit were generous of which I am glad.

Glad you stopped by for a visit.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Farm House Sampler

I have another new quilt project.  Julie and I are doing a block a month from the pattern set The Farmhouse Sampler by Dawn Heese.  We are going to post on the 15th of each month.  I am working with a lot of green fabrics.  Something different for me but it is much like what was used for the pattern sample.  Here is my first block.

I ordered yardage recently from Sauders Fabrics from a line called Brick by Time Worn Toolbox (Marcus Brothers).  The fabric line is in soft reds and greens.  It was on sale for $4.99 a yard and there is still some available here.  As usual, I have added some other fabrics from stash for some variety.

Here is a picture of the pattern cover so you can see what the whole quilt design looks like.  The pattern is availabler here.  I have no affiliation with Dawn Heese.   I just like many of her designs.

I am heading back to the sewing room.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020


I am not done with spring projects but the mood hit me to make a more summer like quilt,  I chose an older pattern set from my stash called "Libertyville".  I say pattern set because I got the patterns individually from the Kansas City Star in 2005.  After the block of the month was finished, the pattern set was published in book form.  The book is still available.  The lowest price I have seen for it is under $5.00 through Connecting Threads.  Terry Clothier Thompson is the pattern designer.  So, it has taken me about 14 years to get around to actually starting to make it.  The pattern has both applique and piecing.  Here are the first three applique blocks that I have completed.

I have two more applique blocks ready to stitch.  I have not yet prepped the large center block for the quilt nor cut out anything for the pieced blocks.  All the fabric I am using is coming from stash.

Thanks for the visit.  Let me know if you have made this quilt.  I know Lori from Humble Quilts has made it and you can see it here.


Friday, April 10, 2020

Spring Has Sprung and Farmer's Market

An update on the "Farmer's Market" quilt that I am working on.  I finished all the applique blocks of which there are a total of ten.  The pattern I am using is by Blackbird Designs and in the "Fresh Picked" book.   I am repeating the flower blocks I showed on my previous post so you can see all in one viewing and decide on your favorite.

I have not yet started cutting out the pieced blocks but will be doing that soon.

Next up is a finish on an U.F.O.  I started working on the wool project last year but needed a sort of pastel plaid for the scallop around the mat.  I found a piece at Dorr Mill which I thought would work.  It was quick in arriving but I was already onto other projects and the chick and wagon parts had gone into a bag for keeping.  The bag over the year got moved from place to place and forgotten about.  I found it recently when cleaning out a drawer in the guest room.  The pattern is called "Spring Has Sprung" and is by Buttermilk Basin.  I had saved it from an issue of "Primitive Quilts and Projects".  So now I have a new piece for spring display.

I am like most of you....tired of this social distancing.  I want to see my friends and family.  I want my quilting get togethers to take place.  I want to go peruse the local quilt shop and touch the fabrics rather than spending endless hours looking at patterns and fabrics online.  But I want everyone healthy so I will continue on.

I am thankful that so many quilt shops and designers have taken time and effort to keep us entertained.  So many sew-alongs created, free patterns and helpful videos.  You Tube and Facebook utilized to keep us learning and informed.

Thanks for stopping by. 


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Buhl Quilt Update and Farmer's Market

March found me still working on the top border for the Buhl quilt.  The monthly patterns have divided the borders into parts so the applique is manageable to be able to accomplish before the next set of patterns is available.  This month, I added the flower on the left and two flowers on the right hand side.

I started working on a new quilt project.  It is "Farmer's Market" and is found in the Blackbird Design's book "Fresh Picked".    There are ten applique blocks.  Five designs and you make two of each.  The second set is reversed from the first set.  The first block design is called "Garden Lily".

The quilt has pieced blocks also.  There are two designs....both hour glass type blocks.  Much of the fabric used in the book sample was from Blackbird Designs line called "Country Orchard".  I am not sure what other fabrics are used but there is definitely at least one other line.   "Country Orchard" does not have the darker greens.  "Country Orchard" has been in the quilt shops for a good while.  I did a search and was able to find many of the pieces.  The fabrics are what originally caught my eye for this quilt.  I added to the purchased fabric by pulling from my stash.  Something I like to do anyhow.  The applique is not overly time consuming and an enjoyable stitch.  I hope to fly through the applique process.  I still have to cut out the pieced block parts.

Thanks for visiting.