Saturday, May 30, 2020

Flowers Quilt, Mary Brown Block, and More

It is May 30th and time to share another "Celebrating Mary Brown" block.  It is not the block design I should have done but that block did not do well.  It is a feathered star block and is not laying real well nor quite the right size.  So instead, I have done a block with many leaves and will debate with myself about the failed block.  I look forward to seeing what block design my stitching buddies have done this month.

The "Flowers" quilt is completely done.  A lot of quilters have made this same  design in the last couple years.  It was a sew-along on one of the Prim Facebook groups for one.  I had stitched my blocks before that sew-along, so it has been a while getting it quilted and bound.

I have started a new quilt project.  One block pieced using fabric from the Abby Rose line by Robin Pickens.  A very different choice for me but a good one for a family member gift.

I am watching "Thirteen" on Amazon Prime.  Quite suspenseful.  And doing applique stitching while watching.


Friday, May 15, 2020

Farm House Sampler Block Two

Julie and I agreed before starting "Farm House Sampler" that we would do a block a month and share it on the 15th.  Today is May 15th so it is time for block two.  To refresh your memory, the pattern set is by Dawn Heese of "Linen Closet Designs".

The shapes are large and fairly easy to stitch.  I usually do needleturn applique but on these blocks, I am doing a bit of starched edge prep ahead of time.  I did that for the flower shapes and leaves.  The background alternates between two fabrics.  I will put a picture of last month's block below so you can see the shade difference.  Both are a pale shade of green.

Are you having trouble like me in these trying times sticking to projects already started?  I started a new quilt last evening and have a pattern sitting out for two more!


Monday, May 11, 2020

Halloween Sampler

The top is complete.  The pattern used was "Halloween Sampler" by Fig Tree.

The fabric line is by Fig Tree also.  It was in such high demand that Moda decided to release it again.  It should be available sometime this summer.  I did not use a kit.  I found most all of the fabrics used in the sample quilt.  Two of my quilting friends are also making quilts using the same pattern though different fabrics.  We are all finding the directions a challenge to follow.  Not that there is any problem with the measurements.  It just isn't set up the way we are used to working.  Someone else might find it just fine.

I still have fabric left and another pattern to use it for but I am a bit tired of it right now.  So I will store it away for now.

I am heading back into the sewing room to put fabric away.


4th of July and Flag Boy

In my last post, I shared a picture of two sailboat blocks I had made.  Today I am sharing a photo of the completed quilt top.  I did not have enough of the main red fabric in the border, so I added in a second piece.  I think it looks fine that way.  I used fabrics from three different lines of fabric done by Minnick and Simpson plus a couple other pieces from my stash of reds and blues.

I completed a wall hanging from a pattern called "Flag Boy".  The pattern is in an older book by Sarah Sporrer called "Postcards From the Past".  It is made using needleturn applique and machine quilting.  A fun piece to make and came together fairly quickly.  I certainly am not the best at machine quilting so I did simple lines.

I have lots of red, white, and blue fabrics left so look for more projects from me.  Maybe not soon but sometime.


Thursday, May 7, 2020

4th of July Sailboats

I am finding myself moving from one quilt project to another.  Just whatever fancies my interest on any given day.  I started a new quilt project.  One with sailboats in red, white, and blue.  I don't have as many summer quilts to display as other seasons and this will be a welcome addition.  Four completed blocks thus far and many parts for others.

Below is a picture of the pattern cover so you can get an idea of what the final product should look like.  You need the Boat Day pattern plus the add on called "4th of July".

The boats are created from squares and rectangles.  Not at all hard to do but it does require some concentration paying attention to cutting measurements and where to mark sewing lines for the angles that are created.  A flip and sew method.

I have been collecting Minick and Simpson fabrics by Moda for a few quilt projects.  Lots of red, white, and blues.  My projects will all be scrappy in nature. as I did not purchase arge cuts of fabric except for borders or backing.

I am glad that you paid me a visit.